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... The post-op redness is not very visible anymore and I can comfortably go out without wearing a cap or even some kind of a concealer like Toppik or DermMatch ... more ...

Latest Hair Loss News


Stanford Researchers Identify Hair Growth Molecule: Laminin-511


Dr. Robert Jones, M.D., one of our resident hair loss experts is the first doctor to start blogging on! He has recently undergone a hair transplant. Check out his blog and interact with him there!


New research explains why Propecia works better for some people than it does for others -- it's in the genes.


Read the editor's review of the Hairmax Lasercomb.


Notes from the 13th Annual Scientific Meeting of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery - by Dr. Richard Lee


New interview with Dr. Alex Khadavi of Revivogen on the latest in hair loss treatment.


New study takes a look at how hair loss affects the perceptions of individuals that suffer from it.

2005-06-13 reviews InFlamil, a product that claims to combat inflammation of the scalp.


Mom, my hair loss is your fault!


New Expert, Dr. Elishalom Yechiel, Ph.D., joins the Experts Panel.


Study Shows that Flax Lignans may Help with Hair Loss.


Genetically modified soy helps grow hair.


Intercytex completes Phase 1 clinical trial for hair multiplication.


Hedgehog Agonist Molecule Stimulates Hair Growth.


Added the Hairmax Lasercomb to the Hair Loss Treatments page.


Interview with Dr. Lewenberg.


Updated the Cyclosporin and Lipoxidil treatment pages.


What's more effective in treating hair loss, Minoxidil or Propecia? A study provides an answer. Read it here.


What is FUE (follicular unit extraction)? An article by Dr. Jones


Genetic differences between balding and non-balding hair cells identified!


Read our review of Tricomin Follicle Therapy Spray, Conditioning Shampoo, Revitalizing Shampoo, and Restructuring Conditioner


Read the interview with American BioCosmetics LLC on the BX3.4 Helmet


Dr. Jones joins Mophollica hair loss experts panel


New research shows that stems cells taken from hair follicles can form new hair and skin


Dr. Lee, one of our resident hair loss experts discusses the virtues of using topical minoxidil before and after hair transplants.


We are happy to bring you a new and improved site search from Google in the top right corner! Use it to search this site and the Web.


Added a new Review of Kirkland 5% Minoxidil, a topical solution for treating hair loss.

2004-04-24 is completely renovated to make it easier for you to find the hair loss information that you need. See our new home page.


Added our first set of community hair transplant pics. See Roberts 3000+ graft follicular unit hair transplant pictures.

Interviews with Hair Loss Experts

2005-10-16 interviews Dr. Khadavi for an update on the latest in hair loss treatment. Read the interview here.

2005-01-19 interviews Dr. Lewenberg about his line of hair loss treatment products. Read the interview here.

2004-10-05 interviews Paul Gilbaud of American BioCosmetics LLC on the BX3.4 Helmet for hair loss. Read it here.

2004-01-20 interviews Dr. Khadavi about follicular neogenesis and his Revivogen product line. Read it here.

2002-08-22 exclusive interview with Dr. Olavo Feher on complete reversal of Alopecia Universalis after autologous bone marrow transplantation. Read it here.

Hair Loss Related News


TGF-beta2, a possible new target for combating baldness.


Try our new site search from Google!


New clinical trial of 2% and 5% Minoxidil for female pattern baldess


Eating soy may help prevent male pattern baldness


Stem cells may help cure hair loss.


Topical estrogen used to accelerate regrowth of lost hair from chemotherapy in mice.


Hormonal profile of men with premature balding similar to women with polycystic ovaries.


New article about Ketocazole (Nizoral) as an adjuct to the treatment of androgenetic alopecia (hair loss)


Topical Anthralin shows promise for treating Alopecia Areata


A new article from CBS News about the latest in baldness treatment.


TB4 - New treatment in the works!


A recent study on essential oils and electromagnetic pulses shows positive results for hair regrowth.


Xandrox15 Review


Prostaglandins, Future of treating alopecia?


Correlation made between efficacy of finasteride (propecia/proscar) and insulin-like growth factor 1.


Is Hair Loss Self-Treatable? (An article from US Pharmacist)

2002-08-22 Exlusive! -- Interview with Dr. Olavo Feher -- Alopecia Universalis Completely Resolved after Autologous Bone Marrow Transplantation


HairMax LaserComb in FDA clinical trial to prove efficacy in treating hair loss.


Suprising side-effect discovered for new cancer drug -- it restores hair color.


Gene involved in autoimmune diseases found that may lead to new treatments.

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