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Discuss experimental or alternate treatments and products.

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What this section is about

Post by HairLossFight.com » Fri May 27, 2005 5:15 pm

The Experimental and/or Alternative Treatments and Products Discussions section of Morphollica.com is here for discussion of exactly those things. However, this section is not for discussion of any and every possible thing that people have used for hair loss.

Rather, the forums in this section are for products and/or treatments for hair and hair loss that I personally have an interest in and believe MAY be of use in either helping fight hair loss, or for improving the condition of the scalp and/or hair. I am NOT making any claims for any of these products outside of what the ones that I have used have done for me and me alone. If you choose to use any of the products discussed in these forums you do so at your own risk. I do not know if any of them will work for you nor whether they will cause you any harm.

I have no monetary business relationship with the vendors of these products currently. The forums in the experimental and alternative section are solely here because I personally thought these were interesting products. I don't intend on starting a forum for every conceivable product and the forums are not meant to be a comprehensive list of them.

Morphollica.com is not a free for all site or forum and at all times all of the terms of use that I post here apply to all of the forum sections, categories, posts and the entire Morphollica.com site and forums as a whole.


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