Finpecia prescription for women

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Finpecia prescription for women

Post by Tanya1991 » Tue Aug 02, 2011 3:51 am

Hey everyone,
I am a 20 year old female. I have thinning of hair on my scalp, a great deal of daily hair-fall and a perceivable loss of hair volume. I visited dermatologist specializing in hair treatments, and he prescribed me Finpecia tablets, 1 daily, along with 2% Tugain foam. I have been taking this medication for the past 3 months, and my hair-fall has decreased considerably with an increase in overall hair strength.
Recently I looked up Finpecia on the internet, and noticed that everywhere it is said that it isn't intended for use by women and children. I enquired with my doctor about this, and I remember him telling me during the initial consultation too, that it is not FDA approved for women, because it causes birth defects in pregnant women. He said that if I don't intend to get pregnant, there is no problem on taking the medication, and that it has worked well on other patients with no side effects, other than some changes in periods.
While I don't presume to doubt my doctor, I have been feeling a bit worried and uneasy lately after reading the possible side effects, especially the breast cancer risk. I would really like to hear your opinions on this. I don't intend to get pregnant in the foreseeable future. Is it worth it for me to take this medication to treat my problem, and am I going to be ok in the long run? Please suggest some alternatives otherwise.
Thank you,

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