Rogaine, It Worked! ... or maybe it didn't. :-(

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Rogaine, It Worked! ... or maybe it didn't. :-(

Post by kib » Sun May 23, 2010 10:41 am

About a year ago I started using minoxidil. I was so thrilled with the results after about half a year, and at a full year I was just in my glory, I had a 'normal' sexy head of hair for the first time in years. There was almost no hair fallout at all, maybe 20 hairs a day. For two weeks. Then it started rapidly falling out again (with "bulbs", it's not just breakage). Possibly worse than not getting it back at all! I've read that the results with minoxidil are usually permanent, with a Slight decrease in new follicles after a while, but I had about "two thumbs" of hair in February, now I'm back to one. :(

I can think of many potential culprits for the problem, curious if anyone has had experience with any of these. 1. About 3 months ago I switched from Target's generic brand of minoxidil to the Kirkland brand. Same strength. Has anyone switched brands and had a problem? 2. The humidity has dropped drastically, as it always does as we approach summer in southern AZ. I realize this might make my hair Feel thinner, but any experience with actual fallout? 3. During the winter I got back into taking baths instead of showers. Any experience there? 4. I've been dieting. I have been absolutely insane about getting enough protein, upping vitamins and biotin and not overdoing anything, but ... sigh. My thighs do look pretty nice, too bad i can't wear them on my head. :lol: 5. I was on an exercise kick for a while - a lot of running. Then I stopped. Anyone find that exercising or not has any effect? 6. I started using Aveno shampoo and conditioner (don't put conditioner on my scalp, tho). Anyone have a problem with this product? 7. I'm perimenopausal at 47, and lately I've been feeling much more interested in sex, I'm assuming this is a surge or drop of some hormone. Great timing, huh. Baldness, mother nature's cure for promiscuity. :razz:

I'm hoping that switching one or more of these things will bring back the happy results of a few months ago ... any advice welcome!

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Re: Rogaine, It Worked! ... or maybe it didn't. :-(

Post by johnsp » Fri May 28, 2010 6:04 pm

Hi Kib
Minoxidil is one of the drugs that the FDA approved for hairloss. It is also well known that it's effects (by itself) are not permanent.
Have a look at my website I will say that if you had those results with minoxidil you will be more than happy with the results you would get from my process.
Make sure that shampoo you are using has no SLS or DEA or botanical equivalents.
Coditioning your hair with the correct conditioner should happen at scalp level. Most products have high levels of silicon and that is not good on the scalp.
You can grow your hair back.
I suggest you buy a laser machine (not a hand held) and a specifically designed line of products follow my instructions and you will get your hair back.
Machine cost 75 Diode flat panel $3,500AUD
Shampoo $35AUD
Conditioner $35AUD
Dexpanthenol $55AUD (enables higher minoxidil absorbtion)
Minoxidil 5% with Saw Palmetto $105 (90ml)
or $95AUD in carrier(90ml)
Other than that good luck and different minoxidil brands can make a difference

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Re: Rogaine, It Worked! ... or maybe it didn't. :-(

Post by arje06 » Fri May 28, 2010 8:39 pm

You should not only have exercises, you should also follow your proper balance diet. These two factors were important to have a successful diet. You should have the determination to do so. Buy a copy of fitness videos for you to know the different exercises.

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