experience hair loss in old air force base housing

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experience hair loss in old air force base housing

Post by lisamarieandlarry » Wed Dec 26, 2007 5:36 pm

Help!!!!!!!!!! I started losing hair Nov 2006. The doctors told me it was due to stress, having a baby in Aug 2006 or losing weight. It's my 5th baby so I knew it wasn't that. I've always had new hair growth. Then my 8 yr old started losing her hair. I took her and was told maybe stress. Then my step-daughter moves back with us in May 2007 and her hair starts falling out. This was only one of my family's health problems. The rest were pounding headaches, respiratory problems, runny nose in the house that cleared up in town, sinus infections, concentration problems. The duplex neighbor's baby stopped breathing one night and had the same breathing problems as my baby and the mom had hair loss and they had headaches. We all moved out the day after their baby stopped breathing. We moved to a hotel on base. All health problems stopped. We were there 2 months until another old house was ready so I had new hair growth. As soon as we moved to another old house, the headaches, runny nose in the baby, and hair loss started. I did much research and bought a radon detector. The radon level was 14.8 - 18.2. They let us stay in the hotel for a month until a radon reduction system was put in. In that month, I started growing new hair that was visible by the time we left the hotel that time. We've been back in the house since Thanksgiving and right before Xmas, the new hair started falling out in the tub. The short pieces and the ones about 3 inches long from the summer and the long ones are falling out. I put them all in a ziplock bag and date it each day. There is no reason all those short hairs should be falling out. The brush definately isn't pulling them out. There are two other ladies who don't have a radon problem but who have hair loss. I'm sure there are many more. The radon system also removes VOC's I believe. The base tested our water and my hair. They said only the mercury was a little high but I don't know exactly what they tested it for and I don't know if anything will show up in it. 3 of my kids had allergy tests. Only one is allergic to common types of mold and I'm only allergic to dust mites and some grass. I'm told this house was tested for mold before we moved in but never saw a report. What else besides mold and radon could cause 3 females in a house to lose hair. The hotel is only 30 seconds away so it's all on the base and we grew hair there. This house was built in the 50's, has wood floors, only central heat and is 2 stories with a basement. This is a small town with nobody for me to hire to check my home. What tests can I buy to check my home? What medical tests can I ask for. We've had blood tests and urine tests. They've tested for thyroid problems in me, heavy metals in all of us. I'm at a loss but I need to know what it is.

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Re: experience hair loss in old air force base housing

Post by HairLossFight.com » Thu Dec 27, 2007 4:52 pm

Dear lisamarieandlarry,

I'm definitely no doctor so please make sure you take your whole family to a qualified doctor to get professional advice. However, I think based on what you're saying, if there is ANY way you can live somewhere else you should look into it. Hair is often an indicator of general health and certainly toxic exposure to compounds and substances in your environment can cause your hair to fall out. But worse than that, you can get very serious health ailments far worse than hair loss. My view, get out of there as soon as possible. If that's difficult to do, gather as much proof of what you're experiencing as you can, and use that to make a case with whomever is responsible for your housing to relocate you to another location altogether. Good luck, and keep us posted.


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