Laser Testimonial Thread

Discuss the use of laser therapy for fighting hair loss. If you're using a purchased device, or a laserbrush or helmet that you've made yourself, discuss it here.

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Laser Testimonial Thread

Post by jdp710 » Wed Jul 29, 2009 10:55 pm

hairisgood:[ [7/20/09] PICTURES = ... =1&t=24421

jdp710: [10/21/08] PICTURES = ... =1&t=22107

jdp710: stopped hair loss. Hair is thicker than it was 10 years ago with regrowth. Best thing I've ever done for my hair.

OMG: [10/15/08] PICTURES = ... =1&t=22047

OMG: 9 months and 15 days and every damn month is better than the last! ... 799#117927

cuebreeze: [4/5/09] PICTURES = ... =1&t=23569

Iknewthisdaywouldcome: [1/8/09] PICTURES = ... =1&t=22842

Iknewthisdaywouldcome: next week will be my 3month mark with my llt treatment I have a 200 diode helmet, thanks to Nid.

On to results I have seen thus far…

1) Scalp itch drastically reduced (almost gone) went from a 8-9…to a 2-3...

2) Hair is darker, even enough for several people to comment on

3) Another member said it best when stating starting to noticed “good hair days”, yes! I know exactly what he means, as I am having them everyday!

4) Vellus hairs popping up around hairline, which I hope will turn terminal

5) Now for the weirdest part, I have several new Terminal hairs below my hair line where I never had hair ever before, cant explain this one, just wish I could reroute those bastards about an inch and a half north.

Must state i take a few internals, use organic shampoos, and use ACV rinse and GFS topical before bed.

Other than that, that's about it. [i take a few internals, use organic shampoos, and use ACV rinse and GFS topical before bed. Fish oil, mag, iodine, vit Bcomplex, zinc And Niox Scalp peel once a month, paired with a pretty clean diet and exercise]

Waiting on my HT i will be having in Feb. and i should have this son of a bitch beat, as i am pretty sure i have stoped loss at this point. ... =1&t=21799

Iknewthisdaywouldcome: I will never stop LLLT treatment, it's hand down in my experience the best treatment. ... =1&t=23204

Stellaisback: [11/28/08] PICTURES =


Stellaisback: My hair was also super oily. 1 day after I washed it it would be totally greasy, something that was not the case before. Now that has regulated too.

In 6 months m hair has thickened up like you would not believe. Did i grow new hair? That I do not know. As jpeter said it was really scraggly in the front and was truly thinning. Women's hair loss is more diffused so it is sometimes harder to tell. Laser makes hair grow much faster.

ExDown: [1/17/09] PICTURES = ... =1&t=22907


ExDown: [1/17/09] Fin 1.25 mg/day Mike's LAZERFISH 140 mw brush 3x20min/week (LOVE this thing) Fungoral (nizoral) 2-3/week Green tea 4-5/week ... =1&t=22907

Thorton212: [3/30/09] PICTURES = ... =1&t=23523

Thorton212: [3/30/09] Lasers have definitely played a huge role in quality of hair and regrowth. I also have not had any fallout at all recently and scalp has been fairly healthy since I have started lasers ... =1&t=23523

Thorton212: [3/21/09] PICTURES = ... =1&t=23444

hairisgood: [4/12/09] PICTURES = I took another photo of my crown which I think is filling back in. They are both taken in the same light condition with dry hair. Same place in the bathroom under harsh lights. I've only been using the 340 diode helmet i built for a month. I had a 72 diode device that i used for maybe 2 months at most before that. It didn't seem to do that much though. The shorter hairs around my temples are getting longer too with more color but it is hard to photograph because my camera seems to not be able to focus close up. ... =1&t=23601

hairisgood: [4/27/09] PICTURES = ... =1&t=23712

Hair Maestro: [12/31/08] I've been using lasers for a very short time (about 6 weeks)and think I'm seeing some new hairs at my temples. The funny thing is that these hairs seem to be better quality than the existing hairs on top of my head which are thin crippled hairs that only ever grow about 1" long. I kind of expected the existing hairs to improve in quality slowly and maybe see some new hairs much later on, but wasn't expecting the see the new hairs start out better than the old hairs. Can anyone explain this?

More details are: 33 yo male, started loosing hair at age 16 although I've not lost any since I was 24ish for some reason. Diffuse thinning and loss of hair quality on top of head although the temples are the only bit where complete baldness has occured.

Laser use - 50 lasers, 3 zones, 20 minutes each zone, 3 times a week ... =1&t=22769

bjegunac: [12/30/08] will resume my GFSE treatment, and hopefully the itch will be a thing of the past. I had tremendous "hair pain" whenever I would touch my hair in MPB affected areas even slightly. It's not completely gone, but having used lasers for the past 3 months it has subdued substantially. The itch itself has also been less noticeable after the 3 month mark of laser & GFSE use.. I am very eager to see what will become of my hair in a few more months of treatment. As I am writing this my scalp is very soar (just did a ~30 min laser treatment).. ... =6&t=22651

Lava212: [12/25/08] have been using my laser helmet for 3 months and I reported noticing results around 2.5 months. Then I got my hair cut and it was very noticable. It made me think of OMG comment about how it was until he cut off his old hair that he really noticed. Dark hairs popping up all over, especially my troubled spot where there had not been improvement in a year. I feel 3 more months and it should look great and it should be about complete in 6 more months of use. Patience is really needed because it is easy to get discouraged when it seems that nothing is happening. I didnt feel any difference in my scalp for a whole 2 months and didn't see any definite improvements until 2 1/2 - 3 months. I just recently upgraded to the laser messiah a half month ago. Before that I was using a suspension device that first had 100 diodes for about 1 month, then upgraded to 139 for a few weeks, then 166 because that was all I could hold. I admit I was getting inpatient and felt like I wanted 200 to GUARANTEE success.
So now I have 212 diodes. Full coverage. I used to use my suspension for 25-30 mintues 3xweek but now use my helmet for 20 minutes like OMG. I use a few topicals. I have used the restoration hair herbal topical the last few years and at first it really did work. Then I hit a wall. That was a year ago. I still use it along with emu oil, coconut oil. Emu on Tues, RH on Thurs, and Coconut on Sat. I also trampoline with my helmet on ... =1&t=22711

Lava212: [1/16/09] I can tell you that I don't get any soreness and I keep my hair 1.5 inches or shorter at the moment untill I have fullfledged thickness. I have seen substantial thickening of all my hairs and my scalp condition has improved greatly. No chunks of sebum of oilyness 30 min - hour after a frickin shower anymore. Damn that sucked washing my hair 4-5 times a day. Now I can get away with washing once every 2 days without that crappy buildup. ... =1&t=22903

Lava212: [2/3/09] My hair has stopped shedding. I have been using a 212 laser helmet for 2 months after using a suspension device with a maximum of 166 lasers for 2.5 months prior. My hair has always been improving since 4 months ago and I feel the helmet with 200+ helped out much more. The shedding that I experienced was probably due to not having all the hairs on the same "page". While most of my hairs were growing faster and looking better, the remaining "renegade" hairs were gradually being forced into submission. Lasers are also used for many health conditions. We use them in my physical therapy courses. ... =1&t=23043

Lava212: [2/18/09] I recently noticed my hair improving after having used my laser helmet for 4 months now and my hair is getting much better. My thin spot in the back is really closing up and everything else is thickening up. Gonna get my hair cut in 4 days and then I should really know. Looks great for the length it is though, which didn't happen before treatments began.
I treated tonight and noticed that having a wet head of hair is best for me. Each time I use my helmet with a wet head of hair I notice a definite increase in scalp temp compared to a dry one. It feels even warmer than when I used oil. I'm just trying to imagine the scenerio. When you go the beach or swim, your hair is wet. You may get sunburned even with a full head of hair if wet all/most of the time. Hair defintely reflects UV light. I remember getting burnt as a child with a buzz-cut while traveling Europe during the summer. I also got sunburned on my vertex bald spot a year ago at the Nebraska spring game. When there is little hair, more light hits the scalp, and I think especially while wet. Water didn't reflect any light when I tested it compared to oil which did a bit. ... =1&t=22781

Lava212: [2/26/09] I have been using my 200+ helmet for around 3 months now and I see a TON of thickened, dark hairs where I hadn't seen any improvement in 1.5 years, at least. My hair looks better and better every time I get my hair cut. It is so thick compared to the baseline. Before I started lasering my haircut would look good for about half a week. Then the sides grow faster and it would end up looking bad. I got my hair cut more than a week ago and the difference since applying lasers is SO apparent. Another 3 months and it should be spectacular and I'll post my pics. ... =1&t=23247

Lava212: [2/27/09] I thought that I had already regrown all my hairs back before I started to use lasers, but the very corner of my temples has sprouted some thick white-tan hairs. This is along the part line when people part their hair to the side. The hairs right behind that point are really dark and are moving towards my front hairline. I parted my hair through my scar with my trouble zone being in the middle of the two normalized patches. The hair has gotten so much darker, resembles the dark areas, and covers much more. It actually parts decently without showing much scalp. A few months and the problem spots will not be noticeable. ... =1&t=23247

jpmarko: [2/5/08] Bought some laser diodes from aixiz and made a cluster of 70 diodes (built exactly to OMG's specifications) that I move three times. I started "therapy" mid-October. I alternate using it 3 times a week for 20 minutes, and then 2 times the next week for 20 minutes. The reason I do this is because I'll get this intense scalp pump sometimes. It gets really sore during treatment, kinda like my scalp caught on fire. Anyway, hair loss has COMPLETELY stopped. That's a miracle in itself. Existing hair is thicker and stronger-looking. It hasn't even been two months yet, so I'm pretty hopeful. Just wanted to give a big thank you to OMG and others who are doing what they've been doing on these boards. ... =1&t=22507

jpmarko: [12/11/08] I'm just a week shy of 2 months. About a month ago my hair stopped falling out. Used to always lose black terminal hairs in the shower, when I was fixing my hair, or on my pillowcase. Now nothing. They just never fall out. Also, my existing hair is so much thicker and looks healthy like it did 2 or 3 years ago. No regrowth yet, although I do have way more vellus hairs popping up than I ever had before. So far, so good. Can't wait to see what the next couple of months bring. ... =1&t=21799

jpmarko: [2/3/09] All I'll say is that after a mere 3 months and 2 weeks, not only has my hair loss stopped dead in my tracks and my existing hair gotten thicker overall, but in the last month I've seen hundreds and hundreds of BRAND NEW vellous hairs pop out of my scalp. They are all over the MPB areas of my head (entire top) and even all over my hairline. The base of some of these hairs are becoming pigmented as well. I know it is a slow process, but I am confident that these new hairs, which 3 months ago SIMPLY WERE NOT THERE, will eventually turn terminal within the following months. It feels good to see the tides turn. ... =1&t=23043

jpmarko: [3/5/09] Propecia worked great for me... for about 3 1/2 to 4 years and then bam! MPB came back with a vengeance. I added rogaine, tried everything (I mean everything) on the market, including avodart, and it didn't stop my aggressive loss. Got on lasers and it finally stopped it. Now I'm just bidding my time hoping I'll get some substantial regrowth from all this new vellous hair. ... =1&t=23311

HelloSunshine: [11/30/08] 88 laser mat 20mins three zones, 3 times a week.
I like this laser hair, thicker and healthier , no going back ... =1&t=22462

Bring Me Sunshine: [12/28/08] over a period of over 10 years I used minox ,avodart, fin , oil this oil that, cayenne on my head etc .... took suppliements etc .....

I put together a laser mat of about 90 diodes over 3 months ago ..etc...

Yes thickened my existing hair.
Hair is not weak and flat , I can style it again.

No i do not have regrowth on my temples.

But damm !! it is the best thing for my hair I have ever used.

FYI , I dropped Fin over a year ago and Minox one month before starting Laser.

You can argue till blue in the face, if you don`t believe in laser then good luck to you with other stuff. ... erthread=y

Lakers: [11/29/08] I'll agree with OMG that 6 months isn't nearly enough for the lasers to do thier magic. When I was going to Aventi Clnic 2-3 a week not until the 9 month mark did my vellous temples start appearing thicker-it had been completely bare prior to treatment and negligible @6mos. My hair only got better through the 12 month mark and my temples were getting fuzzy about a half inch down from the widows peak. I look back with a whole new "light" on the subject and I realize that the treatment results were cut short-bigtime. I wasn't paying the $ for another year.

I must note*

I was using an all natural topical w niacin and some other goodies as well-nothing crazy. I have the ingredients somewhere and they've been posted on here by me(I recommend this) The Dr of the clinics-(good hair doc BTW Dr.Aventi-very active in the llt community) came up with the ingredients in the topical that were supposed to complement the lasers for a synsergistic effect if you will.

Diode beams weren't focused or unfocused rather semi-focused . .similar to the lasermax.

I want to stress to the guys out there with laser and topical regimes. Do your scalp peels! I think they help a lot and OMG should put them up on his site if they're not already. The clinic every two months would do an all natural organic scrub of the scalp. I think Scalp Renew with a boar bristle brush would be great if your anti chemical peels.

Edit-Jaydee what store can I find the soap at? I love the way pure aloe gel makes my scalp feel- that stuff is awesome and has to have some benefit. ... =1&t=22453

Lakers: [7/23/08] spent the big money $(read:financed) and went to a laser clinic for a year early 06-07. I wasn't all that consistent in treatment and had vellous hairs at the hairline about a half inch or so about 6mos in. I was younger then and didnt have diffuse yet, however the hair i did have got really thick and wavy. I'd receive random complimets from family members and others on my hair. Keep in mind they did supplement A topical which had niacin, stinging nettle and some other ingredients that might've helped. Scalp cleansing/massage sessions once a month. I wish I wouldve just bought or made a device and saved that $$ ... =1&t=21236

Thorton212: (I use laser therapy every other day and am pleased so far) ... =1&t=22446

halfempty [6/10/08] Right now I am using the brush pad way but it takes me like 2 hours of moving it around to get full coverage with straps.
My hair does seem to have improved.. in fact I know that it has improved but I am scared to admit it. My hair is much shinnier and thicker as well. Freaks me out sometimes. Like it is not my hair. ... =1&t=20748

nidhogge: [7/23/08] Been using my Hoaggie helmet for about 2 months now, and hair is rarely falling out, and very noticeably thicking. Looks a lot healthier. ... =1&t=21236

MikeysEgo: Also started using the lasermax 90 recently...been about 3-4 weeks. At about the same time I also started using Spectral DNC and folligen. At first I definitely had a shed, sort of mild, but recently I can definitely say that hair loss has really come to almost a halt ... =1&t=21236

Lapwing: My first improvement sign was that my hair looked better and shinier at about the end of the third month ... 377#123728

Lapwing: It took me about 5 months to see self-convincing results on improved hair coverage. Howvever, my hair started looking better, healthier,thicker and shinier somewhere around the second to third month. I think you should be seeing better quality hair by month 4. ... 304#122863

Lapwing: Go lasers, I just I had my best hair day today since at least 2006 ... =1&t=22445

Lapwing: My LLLT results are: My hair is thicker, I have more coverage. I believe I have some regrowth in the crown area and some in the front hair-line. The temples are stable but not improving as much. I was just thinking today that my hair is much better than last year. My crown use to feel so thin when I touched it with my hand. Now it feels significantly thicker. Another thing is my hair just looks better now with that shiny thick healthy look. It is not a miracle worker but my results are pretty damn good so far for mpb. ... =1&t=22912

Lapwing: My hair is thicker and I have more hair since I have been on lllt. Many others report the same. If you get a regrowth of say 100 hairs per square inch it can be really hard to see or notice. LLLT is not simply cosmetic for me. My thin miniaturizing hairs reversed back to thick healthy hair. Those hairs were dying from mpb and now they are healthy. That is beyond cosmetic. I have had some regrowth in the crown and front hairline, which is also beyond cosmetic. ... =1&t=23107

Cazman: getting mediocre results with a lasermax I have a lasermax 50 which is now a lasermax 46 as some diodes burned out. One or two may still work but be the wiring fallen loose (for anyone who has the lasermax, watch out it tends to fall over) I would use it for at least an hour, but try for an hour and half. I would do 20 miuntes with the smaller box on the front then two temples. Then sometimes the sides and with the large box more angled at the back of the head for nomally 15 minutes a side. ... =1&t=22440

Hairsucks: I am only using a Lasermax 90 and I feel it's stopped any loss and I have a few new dark hairs popped up so I too believe in lasers as a worthy treatment. ... =1&t=22398

Hairsucks:I'm thinking of selling my lasermax 90, although I like it and seemed to have stopped my hair loss with it. ... =1&t=23032

Hairsucks: I seem to have stopped my hair loss with a LM90 and some natural topicals, I don't really want to get it going again. ... =1&t=23011

deejack: to make this short,i had decent success with avodart and minox but it was getting hard to continue after so long and the side effects were annoying and the meds expensive.... results because i wanted to be sure and i know that avodart lasts over a month so i wanted to be sure..anyway,im extremely happy to announce that after over 4 months of using nothing but an 80 diode laser device,my hair is actually better than it was with both minox and avodart!!! so if you have success with laser, you dont have to worry about a mass shed if you take a couple week vacation because its actually reversing the damage,not simply preventing further damage..truly amazing the laser really Fing works!!! please guys,tell me im not crazy...i wanna believe that i finally found something that works!!! this is amazing!! ... =1&t=22398

TheComeBackKid: From my own experience with lasers I can undoubtedly say that when I use my modded lasermax for the recommended 20 mins, I don't get sore....when I use it for 45 mins+ I do get sore.....My results with lasers have been up and down. I'm gonna use my laser device for 45 mins every other day for the next 3 months and report back. TheComeBackKid My modded lasermax has 197 diodes ... =1&t=22396

Dobika: I built a 30 laser brush that I use every other day. I move it three times during my treatment, a total of 30 minutes. My hair is thin in front. I've been at it for about 2 months and I'm seeing great results. Healthier hair and regrowth I've been fighting this for 15 years and do a tom of other common sense stuff but thanks to you and all the great information on your site the lasers are making a difference. ... =1&t=22395

Dobika: I feel like a light weight here. My laser device is a cluster of 30 diodes that I move three times during my treatments, 15 min, 10min, and 10 minutes, every other day. I've been doing this for around 3 months and after 1.5 months I started to see some new growth. Yes OMG I am going to build a helmet, now that I know this works. You are the Man dude! And F--- all those aholes who say it doesn't work and say you make money off this, even though if you did you would deserve it. I know this sounds strange but I use a big magnifying glass to monitor my progress and when I see new hairs sprouting I get really excited. It's a slow but steady process but it's better than losing it. One side seems to be a little more responsive than the other, but who's complaining?

I guess I'm lucky because my problem is all in front and I didn't lose it all, it just got thinner, more sparse and what I have all stayed in the growth cycle. The quality of my existing hair has also improved and I have stopped all abnormal loss.

I'm really hopeful now. I'm 48 years old and don't expect to get everything back but I can't wait to see where I am in a year.

Did you guys ever see those Aerogarden things in Target where you can grow your own herbs under a hood? That's how I feel about growing hair now with lasers, just add light and watch it grow. Kinda like a Chea pet ha ha.

Oh, one more thing. I feel like I'm cheating the system getting great laser treatments for free when a lot of people are spending thousands of dollars at the clinic ... =1&t=21799

Dobika: I've never felt the soreness you guys talk about but I am getting results so I'm not going to change my routine. I can say that my hair and scalp feel healthy like it used to when I was younger. No itch and none of that weak root feeling. ... =1&t=21799

Dobika: I've tried a lot of things and lasers are by far the most effective. All things considered, lasers are probably the most cost effective way to go too. For the first time in years I feel confident that what I'm doing is working and the fear of getting worse is gone. That was one of the worst things going through loss, not knowing if and when it would stop, and how bad I was going to look when it was done. I feel like I'm in control again. ... =1&t=22781

I Gotta Have More Cowbell !: I used one with 105 (?) focused laser that roated for almost 2 years. ... =1&t=22431

If you can't get a helmet built by nidhogge, I would go with the lasermax 90. But the best results are with a helmet As far as the money; I spent quite a bit lol!! But I bought the lasermax, and aculas used. I resold them and lost maybe $50. And the raymax stopped working, so I only had it for a week. He took it back with no problems. So I really have only paid for a helmet.

I had the raymax for a week so I am not able to tell you much about the device. As I mentioned, it was hard to get comfortable with that design. But I believe in lasers,

I tried an Aculas Handheld, Raymax, Lasermax, and custom built helmet. This is the ranking from worst to first imo. All I can say is for me the Raymax was uncomfortable because you have to put it on a table at the exact right height and then sit in a chair at the exact right height. It adjusts slightly, but I never got the height right ... 937#119053

I Gotta Have More Cowbell !: did laser treatments for almost 2 years at a clinic, and had no itching. Imo you will almost never get an even distribution from any laser device. Every time you put on a helmet it will be in a different spot, or shift as you wear it. I used a rotating hood and if I shifted in the chair, or sat more upright it changed everything. But I still had good results ... 039#120008

I Gotta Have More Cowbell !: I worked next to a clinic and I would go 2 to 3 times a week. It was the 105 difused lasers rotating in the helmet. I would buy the girls a pizza, or sandwiches once in a while and they would call me over when the laser was unoccupied. It was a sweet setup They insisted I go 2 or 3 times a week, not the once or twice a month they told their patients. I also have done Minox for 8 years plus on the crown only.

For me it took about 4 months and my hair seemed a bit thicker. And it shed less after that time as well. 6 months the overall difusion stopped. After a year it was noticeably thicker to my wife. I finally told her I was going to the office next door to use the laser. She was skeptical, and asked how cute the girls were She knows me well! After 2 years it had overall moderate regrowth, but more importantly it was thicker, fuller and the loss stopped. it just looked better, and was harder to comb. Even my wife agreed it was working.

I do think a custom helmet will be way better than a salon laser device. More diodes closer to your head. Hope that helps ... 716#118922

RosarioRose9: "I'm 3 months in but won't report results for 3 more... but I don't regret spending the $$$ on the helmet, if that helps. ... 799#117927

TheBratwurst: "I`m using my laser device for a month now.Got some terminal hair growth at one side,lots of new vellus hair,but too early to tell." ... 799#117927

Jus: I've been using my homemade helmet of about 140 diodes for 3 weeks. My scalp tightness is becoming less and less noticeable each day. I keep a log of the way my hair is on each day. For example how tight my scalp feels, the level of comfort, if I thought I shed heavy or light on that particualr day... and so on. I like to look back at it and gauge my progress. I also use .25 mg fin every 3rd day (dunno if that's even worth it but I do it anyway) and I also use super zix 2 ... 799#117927

Justme123: "a little over 2-months in and while I can't claim regrowth (although I think I have some on my hair line) my hair is much more full/thick and looks healthy which gives the appearance of regrowth." ... 799#117927

Justme123: I am seeing results though so I am not concerned about not feeling sore" ... =1&t=21845

JustMe123: I have 100 diodes in my gutter guard device. I started seeing subtle results after a couple of months (improved quality of existing hair). Around 3 months my friends and family asked me what I was doing different to my hair so it was very noticeable to them HOWEVER; I can attest (for me personally) that lasers do indeed increase the diameter, quality & thickness of existing hair. ... =1&t=22511

Justme123: It's been quite some time since I posted. I stopped because my hair loss problem is now resolved. No I did not regrow all of the hair I lost but I have TOTAL coverage and the quality and "thickness" of my hair has increased 2x.

I was a Norwood 2-2.5/Vertex (thinning on the crown). Now I am a Norwood 1.5 with barely any visible thinning on the crown. I can't complain about that.

So what has worked for me 1.) Improved eating habits (Warrior Diet) 2.) LASERS !!!!!! 3.) Emu oil.

I had been using various oil for the past year or so and they helped a bit (neem oil, tea tree oil, lavender oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed).

BUT in the winter I get really dry skin and finally decided to try Emu Oil (mainly because my hands get all dried out doctors never diagnosed it as eczema or psoriasis just "dry skin - whatever that means)

Anyways I decided to try Emu oil and it worked so well on my hands that I decided to try it on my head and great googly moogly it is awesome. My new routine is my laser helmet/device 3x per week (20 minutes per zone 2-3 zones depending on time constraints) then follow that up with Emu oil left on overnight. For the past month with that comibination I have new hairs shooting up all over my temples and front hair line. Now this could just be the laser since I have been using it for about 5-6 months, but I really think it is the combination of the 2. ... =1&t=22511

ITCHY: "My [edited" 90 laser diode]now has 200 Diffused diodes and I must say I am getting better results now than I ever had in the past 2 years of using the unmodified [edited: 90 diode].

... If you also have the serious scalp itch - the good news is that Laser should fix that for you. But you will have to keep up the treatment. 2 months after stopping the Salon treatment - my itching returned.

"same person but with a laser clinic device instead of commercially bought "Approx 5 years ago I had attended a 12 month Laser treatment in a UK based salon where I yielded little or no results from the treatment. Around 1.5 years later I attended another 12 month Laser course at a different clinic - only this time I benefited immensely - with new growth, no more scalp itch and approx 40% increased thickness of existing scalp hair.

I've always wondered what the difference were between the 2 salons Laser hoods. They were both the same model (Boston Laser) - and during both courses I used nothing else but the laser. So what was the difference between the 2 treatments?

So recently I revisited both Salons - under the guise of enquiring about another "top up" laser course. As a previous loyal customer - both clinics allowed me to inspect the laser hoods they used and surprisingly both were the same ones they had used when I was last a client.


The Laser Hood which didn't yield much results for me was using focused diodes with lenses intact .....and

The Laser Hood which had given me excellent results had had all of its lenses removed - thus completely diffused.

Needless to say - as soon as I got home - I removed every single lens from my diodes and I now wish I had done this along time ago!" ... =1&t=21699

ITCHY: I've been using lasers on/off for the past 5 years at least. I live in the UK and the salon craze here in the UK kicked off well over 7 years ago. I have undergone TWO 12 month salon laser hood treatments, 3 years of a lexington laser comb and 3 years of LaserMax 30 and last month a purchased a LAserMax90 - mainly because OMG rekindled my appreciation for the positive effects of lasers.

As my name suggests - I suffer from extreme inflammation and itching coupled with my hairloss. My hair thickened by about 40% at least as a result of using the 12 month Salon laser and my many years of hair itching STOPPED. Thus my inflammation stopped and my hair thickened. All my diffuse and miniturised hair also thickened up. I don't recall any NEW growth in slick bald araeas in the 12 month course - however I believe that 12 months was too short of a time.

The Lexington comb and LaserMax 30 did have a very small positive effect but nothing worth writing home about.

The problem is that within 2/3 months of stopping the laser treatment my hair thinned again and the itching returned

Due to the cost of the Salon treatments I could not keep extending my treatments and thus the gains quickly diminished. This home laser revolution will hopefully mean we can all have a salon type laser at home now.

I'm now on month 1 of the LAserMax90 and I am already seeing the same positive effects I saw from the Salon laser treatment.

From my experience - the general time-line from the CORRECT laser treatment was:

MONTH ONE : Hair increases in Shine and looks fuller

MONTH TWO : Hair clearly increased thickness by 10-20%

MONTH THREE : Scalp itch and inflammation completely gone

MONTH FOUR to MONTH 12 : Hair thickened atleast 40%. Less hairfall and thin lifeless hair a thing of the past!

MONTH 12 : no more money to pay for the extortionate Salon prices for treatment.

Once I stopped the Laser - the above positive effects took 3 months to diminish and return me back to my itchy scalp and thin hair.

One final note: I found that I benefited more from the LAser treatments when NOT using any topicals such as Minox. In fact my first Salon treatment did not yield nay results due to using Minox with the treatment. My second Salon treatment was without any topicals and the results were amazing! ... =1&t=21236

Danlalane: After the one month mark I noticed less hair on the pillow, and my hair seemed to be getting the thicker fuller look - ie more healthy. I was taking fin 1.25 and minox before I started. I stopped the minox and went to Zix II 1X a day ...a variation of the lemming mesh without a helmet and the weight is not an issue with 149 diodes. ... 799#117927

Danlalane: Lemming - 150 Diodes - all at once 20 min 3x a week. Had great results at 1.5-2 month mark, then dropped fin and minox,,,,, shedding like crazy since, even went back on fin. Almost 5 months now of lasering, noticeably less hair now than when I began in August. Ordered 150 more diodes, gonna build a messiah variation and hope to stabilize things....... Moral of story, careful dropping treatments too soon. ... 718#128086

buddyebsen: My experience has been very similar to yours. The first thing I noticed is daily hairloss decreased to near zero. Then existing hairs became thicker and now grow longer. I'm not sure I will get new growth but the overall appearance of my hair makes it look like I have more hair. The thin hair at the crown has gotten thicker so it looks like it has filled in, which in a sense, it has. All this in a few months. I am convinced that laser therapy works for me. ... =1&t=22507

whovian: [6 months lasermax 50 review] Since I have this week off, I thought I would take some time to review my lm50. I started by using it 3x/week for about an hour each session. It has a boom arm that rotates the unit, and so I would use it for 30 mins on one side of my head, and then rotate it around to the other side for the next 30 minutes. I found that after 2 months, I saw no results and figured I was using it too much, so I cut the time back to 45 mins total, and now I use it in 3 'zones': right side, top, and left side. Since making that adjustment, I have noticed an improvement in overall hair quality, albeit a small one. The real test is when I go to get my haircut (every 4-6 weeks). My past 4 haircuts have been more satisfying than before, and I think that it's due to the improved quality of hair. My main area of concern is the temples/forelock, and although no regrowth to report, the forelock has thickened up a bit. I like the design, and as I am not a diffuse thinner anywhere, it suits me fine. ... =1&t=22045

brh1219: 100 diode helmet 20 mins 2 zones 3x a week a little over 2 months now. Noticeably less fallout even after getting off .25mg EOD fin. I think less and less about my hair itching and inflamation. I feel like within a month or so it may be completely gone.

Just started seeing new vellus hairs coming in at the hairline and temples. Not sure about the thickness of my hair but i can definitely style it better. For Ex. before i would have to put hairspray or gel in my hair to keep it when my hair is wet and i comb it just holds form once dried ... =1&t=21799

brh1219: Ive also notice that the hairs that do fall out...if i hold them strait out from one end of it with my finger tips...the hair sticks staight out horizontally. As before the hair would fall down being affected by gravity ... =1&t=21799

helpmegrow: Ive been lasering for a little over 2 months. LM90 modded to 167 diodes. Focused lasers, I move my head slightly every 8 seconds to insure better coverage. 15 min, 3x a week. My hair loss is roughly half of what it was before these two months. I'm also on revivogen but I have a suspicion it's not responsible for my success.
It's great to hear others are also enjoying better hair days! ... =1&t=21799

helpmegrow: I went to a laser clinic for six months some years back, and the lasers used were focused lasers. These lasers rotated at a very slow rate to get more of a total scalp coverage. Results were shockingly good. (At the end of my treatment, my hair was a consistent thick all over my scalp) So, I'm going with something I know works for me. 100 lasers I would guess ... =1&t=22431

helpmegrow: I am nearing my 4th month and as previously posted, have very good results. (I use a lasermax 90, modded to 160 focused lasers) I attribute this to my diode count, 160, but more importantly, rotating my head slowly and constantly for the entire treatment. (18 - 20 min, 3x a week) The laser clinic I went to had focused rotating lasers and I got really good results. My point is this: If you have a lasermax, I believe it is damn near impossible to get the 1.5 to 2cm distance between diffused diodes and scalp. Therefore, lasers should be kept focused. However, with focused lasers, you MUST rotate your head at a slow and constant rate to avoid overexposure. ... =1&t=22832

helpmegrow: I have a lasermax 160 and it's impossible for me to get that distance over my whole head so I use nondiffused(focused)lasers. HOWEVER, I rotate my head at a slow and constant rate to avoid overexposure. I'm getting good results at the 4 month mark. ... =1&t=22999

chiarick I'm on my 30th treatment with my helmet, and even though I added 60 diodes about a month ago and noticed problems with brightness/wiring, etc., I can say that for the first time in 7 or 8 years I've gone a whole week without having to use hair gel!

In other words, I think the texture of my hair is definitely starting to improve. I've also been using Sea Buckthorn shampoo and some natural supplements for about 2 weeks. But I have to say that my scalp feels less irritated and more pliable/flexible, and I have to attribute that to the lasers.

I've been shedding at least 40-50 hairs a day, but it's only my 82nd day since I quit Propecia after taking it for 11 and 1/2 years, so I know I'm combating that reflexive shed at the same time I'm hoping to see benefits from the lasers. It's a tough equation with a lot of unknown variables.

I'm still hopeful, and it's because of the promise of lasers that I had the courage to quit Propecia. ... =1&t=21799

hapyman I'm in kind of the same boat Dobika. I could only afford 36 lasers in my first purchase and have been using it 3x per session for 20 minutes each and 3x per week. I too am starting to see results after 3.5 months.

One thing that is interesting is that I am getting sore with just 36 diodes. However if I do just 2 treatments per week I barely do. Also just one other note it took me awhile to get soreness using 35 diodes. I would estimate it happened more around the 2 month mark and it is slowly increasing in intensity. ... =1&t=21799

hapyman: My hair is growing like crazy now that I am lasering. I feel like a need a haircut much more often. ... =1&t=23026

hapyman: [3/23/09] Yeah hang in there my shed is growing in now 5-6 months. ... =1&t=23461

worriedwoman Almost 4 weeks ago, I built a modded version of the laser helmet. Very simple, like some of the other guys on Regrowth.

I don't have amazing results to report...don't have a full head of hair again, but for the first time in 3 years, I'm not shedding 100-200+ hairs/day. The constant micro-inflammation/pain/itching in my scalp is half of what it was a month ago. My scalp almost feels...normal. Shed for the last week-10 days has been about 20-40 hairs/day. I hope I'm not jinxing it, but for me...this is a huge improvement.

Yeah, this is totally anecdotal...but I have been shedding chunks of hair EVERY day for a couple of years. This is the first sign of a slowdown. So I'm optimistic.

I used 115 diodes on a piece of gutter guard with a sliced up mouse pad glued to the edges to lift it up off my scalp and shoe laces to hold it in place. I move it around my head 3X, 20 min each. Cost me less than $400 bucks and took about 2 days to do...including wiring. The only tool I had to buy was a wire splitter.

Considering I paid someone to hook up my stereo, it was shocking how easy this was. Even a (thinning) blonde can do it. Fill in your own punch line here...

For what it's worth, I was diagnosed with androgenetic alopecia and Hashimoto's. Diffuse loss...worse in the typical pattern areas.

It's possible OMG is on to something here. ... TARTPAGE=2

Joanne [aka worriedwoman]: As for results, it's been 11 weeks since starting. Scalp feels very good with much, much less itching. I notice my scalp is also more flexible...especially right after lasering. The tightness in the crown area has really loosened up. The first 4-6 weeks, it seemed like my shedding had dropped 80+%. Unfortunately, about 2 weeks ago, it returned with a vengeance. It sucks, but the timing is about right...usually a shed kicks in 2-3 months after an event that affects hair cycles (good or bad). The good news is I have a lot (hundreds) of small hairs all over my scalp. About 1/2" long.

(Device has 100 diodes. I move it around my head 4 times. 20 min per area =80 min ... 3-4x/week.) ... =1&t=23101

jambap: And thanks for the update. You started your laser regime about 2 weeks before me. I know what you mean about the nasty sheds but I think the appearance of the vellous hairs is a clue as to what really going on. So just stick with it and I'm sure you'll start to see the real good stuff pretty soon. I'm not giving my results just yet but they have been pretty similar to yours. [in reference to joanne aka worriedwoman]. ... =1&t=23101

jambap: I have been using my laser device for 2 months like you. While I was holding back from giving results until the 3 month mark, I can confirm that I absolutely am getting results. I am getting new hairs sprouting all along the hairline. It also appears that the existing hairline hair seems to have thinned a little, but the fact that I am getting new hairs indicates that the thinning of the existing hair is a shed that should come back hopefully at month 3. It reminds me of the first time I went on Minoxidil. For the first 3 months my hair thinned terribly I thought I made a dreadful mistake by getting on it, but some helpful memebers at HLH reassured me it was perfectly normal and is often accompanied by vellous hairs growth which indicates it was having a positive effect. Sure enough at the 3 month mark everything grew back in beautifully thick. I am hoping for the same to happen, so far everything's going according to plan. ... =1&t=23247

cpio_: Amazing ... laser seems to have gotten rid of the itch Havent had itching at the whole frontal region for a month now. And frankly I have a feel that it is growing thicker.

Unfortunatly I still itch and thin at the places where I have not been using laser: the sides of my head. Why the hell do I have to bald there too? Friggin annoying. My design does not work at those areas (have to hand hold) so hard to be consistent (a requirement for laser to work in my experience!)." ... =1&t=22679

wakebdr32: I took the plunge 5 months ago and built this 62 diffused laser unit for around $220 total and have been using it three times a week for 30mins. I read OMG's site to find out where to get the lasers but decided to use a project enclosure so I could hang and adjust while I watch TV. I tried a laser comb for five months prior and it did ZILCHo. However, I figured I'd build this and give it a fair shot. I'll tell ya this, I have filled 90% of my thin spots and stopped using Minox completely in 5 months. I'm a definite believer as my hair is better than it was two years ago losing ground on Minox and Fin ... TMP=Linear

Joe Public: I have been on Minox and Nizoral since August '07 and then added Finasteride October '07. I did see some minor improvement but the sheds made me feel like a yo-yo.

I added Lasermax 50 (30 minutes 3 days a week) in September '08 and (after an initial shed) have seen very noticeable improvement.

Actually, I just noticed (when I went to the bathroom) some more terminal hairs coming in at the hairline.

Happy Happy Joy Joy. ... =1&t=22781

surehair: After about 1 1/2 weeks of laser therapy, my scalp no longer itches! I took before pics and will update in 6 month intervals. So far I feel very positive after overall scalp health has improved very quickly. ... =1&t=22781

Lamarr1986: about a year ago i began using lasers, i bought a lasermax from ebay and added about 30 diodes of my own. Over the space of 6 months i definenetly saw improvement and after i have been away at uni and not able to use my helmet i ralised just how much it was helping me hold onto things.

Now my uestion is this, before i had 80 diodes and i lifted my fringe/bangs whatever you want to call them up and held it out of the way with a type of head band so the light could penetrate better. I have since upgraded even further and have 165 diodes and have modded the front of the lasermax so it has flexible rods which allow it to conform to my head (or anyoen else who is to use it).

Also i just wanted to say, like all the older users on here have said before me. It is only people who realise what to expect from hairloss treatments and how effective other options are compared to lasers, that actually understand just how useful lasers are....

I use the 165 lasers every other day. for about 25 minutes. See the thing with my hair is the hair shaft diametre is very thick, and it is black ... =1&t=22812

kydd: Been using a lasermax for awhile (a few months) and it seems to be having positive effects ... =1&t=22844

glaxom: After 7 - 8 weeks with a 230 diode OMG messiah 95% or more of my shedding has stopped. It's really exciting to brush my hair from back to front over the sink and only 2 or 3,4 hairs fall in the sink and a couple in the brush......weird as hell. The shedding was so bad my falling hair would invariably get in my girls mouth when we making love, which really interupted things, haha....very annoying. Anyways, this is great and i feel even better days are ahead. ... =1&t=22781

glaxom: Over 2 months use and it has caused about a 90% cessation in my shedding. I've got 230 diodes in my OMG style helmet. ... =1&t=23086

OMGmyhair: I have a similar hair length 3 - 4 inches and I'm finding laser therapy helpful so far. ... =1&t=23053

Squirrel Master: I built a 77-diode laser device about 4 months ago, and have been using it 3x/week, 20 min/zone x 3-4 zones. I think that the diodes were too far from my scalp (3-4 cm) for the first few months, so I recently modified it so that the diodes would be about 1.5 cm from my scalp. Even so, I've definitely noticed some improvements. My scalp seems much healthier now, with less itchiness and more elasticity. No earth-shattering gains in thickness so far, but it's still fairly early on. I mainly have thinning in the crown area (no receding hairline) and frankly, I'll be delighted if I can just keep what I have. ... =1&t=23115

cuebreeze: Well ive just past the one month mark and i have to report that my hair deffently feels better (softer and a little stronger). I also am getting a lot of tiny pimples around my hairline where i have NEVER had pimples at all. As pimples are most commonly seen in teenage puberty as the body is growing, im taking these pimples as a good sign. So id just like to say that it isnt true when you read that laser do 'NOTHING'... something is deffently happening to my hair. ... =1&t=23121

cuebreeze: Been using my 320diode laser messiah (the second model) for just over a month. I use to lose about 50-100 hairs each shower i had now i am losing maybe 20 hairs each time?! Also the hairs im losing dont seem to be super strong hairs, they seem to be the weaker ones. My hairs feeling a lot smoother and looks like it has a little more body after every treatment. Im also seeing very very small thin new hairs at my temples. (they are only sticking out maybe 1mm and are very fine but deffently new. My hairloss is minimal which is why i think im seein results early. (only my hairline has really receded probably about an inch or 2 plus a bit of general thinning.
320diode helmet 3x22mins a week ... =1&t=22781

cuebreeze: have recently built a laser helmet with 300 diodes. It was a small price to pay for a BIG investment as im seeing results after 1 and a half months. My hairloss has stopped and hair is starting to feel a lot better/thicker. ... =1&t=23246

jimmy1: I get a head pump, I have been lasering for 2 months with a 321 diode "messiah" type device. BTW I feel my hair is thickening and so does my barber. ... =1&t=23143

grantlyt: I have been using a 170 diode laser messiah that I turn backwards for front and then back treatment 20 minutes per side each second day. I am amazed to see significant regrowth all over my head even after 6 weeks. I have hundreds of new hairs that are growing. The funny thing about these hairs is that they are growing out of my scalp and directed towards the back of my head. The longer of these new hairs are about 5mm long. I might have to train these new hairs to point forwards rather than backwards but I am not complaining. I am also taking nizoral 2% and that is it. Does anyone think that I should consider taking minox as well to prevent any hair from falling out. My hair is so blonde making it hard to see that I have never visually seen much fallout in the shower. If I am experiencing such great regrowth does it mean that I will not be losing any of my older hair. Should I just save my money? ... =1&t=23234

ljc08: I'm just under 4 weeks into lasering with a high powered 147 diffused diode device that I move over 3 zones after using a lasermax 90 for 2 1/2 weeks. The difference between the two is incredible. It seems like my shedding has almost totally stopped and my scalp feels much healthier and no longer burns or itches. My scalp feels more healthy and supple. My hair looks much healthier, feels better and is shinier. It might just be starting to thicken up as well. I am cautiously optimistic that I might see some of the great results the others have in the coming months, but frankly I'd be thrilled if I could just keep the status quo. ... =1&t=23210

ljc08: Ok, 1 month in with my 147 diode device which I move three times for 20 minutes/zone. Already scalp itch dramatically reduced and my scalp is less pinkish/red in color. Obviously healing is occuring.

I could jokingly say that maybe Amsch is right. It appears that my hair has thickened a little as with dry hair my thin spots appear far less thin. This given the fact that I know I haven't yet had any regrowth and have lost hairs since I started. The good news is that the hair loss has slowed dramatically and, I don't want to jinx it, but has appeared to have almost totally stopped. My hair is growing nicely, is nice and shiny and seems to have more body than it has had in a long time. ... =1&t=22781

futureman2k: After only 3 weeks of using my 133 diode in the front and back 3x a week, the hair on the side of my head has gotten significantly healthier, turning from dark, curly "pube" like hair, back to the straight, lighter hair i havent had since i was 18. i consider this a huge success, as those curly hairs sticking out has always prevented me from growing my hair out any longer than a buzz. who knows what will happen in the coming months, but its already obvious the lasers are doing something positive for my hair, and that alone in a tremendous weight off. ... =1&t=23241

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Re: Laser Testimonial Thread

Post by jdp710 » Wed Jul 29, 2009 10:56 pm

cpranov: Been using this for about 8-9 months, 10-12 minutes for the front, then I turn around or scoot forward and repeat. I can't stand anything pressing on my scalp so this worked for me, and I will rock back and forth a bit sometimes while using it. Anything more than 12 minutes or so and I started getting bumps on my scalp that eventually bleed, and a burned feeling for a day or so. There has been an obvious HUGE thickening of hair, I would say probably in the last month the results have really started to accelerate. Also plenty of new hair, but not in the temples -yet-. It was nice to see things take a giant leap forward again recently. I also started using topical niacinamide to help my scalp barrier. ... =1&t=23272

cpranov Thanks, its actually been 8-9 months, and not sure if you read my entire post but my results are great. Much much much thicker. darker better hair in all the MPB areas, new hairs and much less fallout. This last month really showed another level of improvement. There seem to have been 2 "wow moments", one about 4.5 months in and one just recently. the only topicals I use are nicanamide and occasionally undiluted GFSE, and now use just a bit of toppik as opposed to a %&$! before. ... =1&t=23272

kilimanjaro: I have a 5mW custom-made laser helmet that I've been using for the past 3.5 months with great results. I've noted incredible thickening and total stop of loss with some modest terminal regrowth ... =1&t=23282

Orin: Lasers benefited my hair from the first session I had. I've stopped using any product in my hair.. it actually doesn't do anything to add any volume anymore - the hair is already almost unaturally thick (well, compared to how it used to be). ... =1&t=23334

Lapwing: I would say I have improved almost a half (0.5) NW. For me I have seen the most improvement in the crown area. Temples are maintaining, but I am not seeing any significant improvement there yet. The temple areas are notoriously hard to get any improvement there, so I am happy with just no further loss there. I have been on lllt for 11 months now. ... =1&t=23303

Bethany: [Lasermax90 review] I am about a week short of 2 full months of usage, but I had to share an interim update....

I was closely inspecting my hair today and was FLOORED by the large number of new hairs that are sprouting from my areas where I hadn't even realized it had been thinning!

Having dealt with thinning hair since the early 90's and tried a ton of options out there, I can definitely say that NOTHING has produced this much new hair growth for me (or as quickly) as the LaserMax has. If this trend continues and they develop into healthy, mature hairs, I will be ELATED.

I forgot to mention this above, but it is a rather key observation....

I have what I call a Yin-Yang head....I am 90% gray (ok, WHITE) from my ears forward. The gray is creeping down the back slowly, but the grays in the front started when I was 14. Needless to say, I color my hair so that both halves match.

However, many of the new hairs growing back in the front/top of my head are NOT coming in white....they match the non-gray hair in the very back of my head. We'll see what the proportion of gray to non-gray ends up being over time. ... r&start=75

Arsenal: I'm 2 months in with a 70 diode device that I move 3 times. 15 minutes each section.
I don't get sore, but I do get a head pump. I've been shedding a little bit more than normal, but it's not too bad. I'm talking about an extra 20 hairs or so daily. Most of the losers are thinner hairs, but there are some "meatier" hairs in there too.

My scalp feels awesome. In the past, I had a burning sensation on a regular basis, but for the past 3 weeks or so, it's almost completely subsided. There are some days I feel that tell tale hairloss tingle, but it's no where near as severe as it used to be and it doesn't happen everyday. I've been having a lot of good hair days too. This started about 3-4 weeks into treatment. The hair looks and acts more alive and behaves more like it used to.

I haven't noticed any regrowth of note yet. I'm a diffuse thinner and regrowth isn't easy to spot. I have a lot of vellous around the hair line, but that's pretty normal for me, so I can't say if it's new or not. My hair dresser has commented (without me prompting her btw) that my crown has filled in nicely. Honestly, I haven't really paid that much attention to it (kind of an out of sight out of mind thing), but there has to be a reason she would mention it out of the blue. ... =1&t=23402

crzyakta: 170 diodes, 20 min, 3x a week

Its been almost 1.5 months, nothing significant to report yet (obviously too early)....but do notice hair is a bit more lively, kinda of like it was when I was doing my harsh scalp peels 2.5 yrs ago

I also roll with a 0.5 once a week, roll pretty aggressive ... =1&t=23402

Orin: Been doing it for a month.. uhm maybe two months? Not really sure. Hair changed in the first week into a texture I've never had before, and that I only see on people with zero hair-loss.

On especially good days, I think it almost looks like female hair. It seem to be evenly thick all along the strand too, which is just odd.

Whatever lasers actually do, it does something that obviously kind of.. inflate the hair, for lack of a better word.

I burnt out 41 diodes through faulty wiring, so that's a bummer, but I've been using the 59 I have left for 25 minutes X 3, about every other day or so.

Sometimes every third day. It's tricky to evenly split the week. So it's a total of 177 diodes. I'm absolutely broke right now, but when I get back on my feet, I'll upgrade to 90 diodes, which covers my entire scalp-area, temple to temple.

Shedding stopped immediately the first month (was excessive as I've stopped fin 3 months earlier due to finance-trouble), was fine for that month, but seems to have picked up some speed in the recent week. It really goes up and down, but it's not at all as aggressive as directly after fin, where I shed long, short and tiny hair of any quality.

Now I shed 3-4 hairs if I really comb my head through, and they're usually all long healthy hair. So I guess that's normal... I dunno.

I really don't believe people should stop fin, and I'm going to jump on it immediately when I get my next pay-check. Despite all the neat things lasers seem to do, it seems the real benefit comes from also keeping a base defense against the source of the inflammation, and not just rely on treating the inflammation as it occurs (with lasers that is). ... =1&t=23402

waalaa: [3/19/09] My laser gutter guard (65 diode)is removable from my homemade(bike)helmet, I treat my silver (hair) sides every night for about 10 minutes each side, I have noticed a difference, I now have some dark hairs mixed in with my grey where as before it was solid grey, it is however a very slow process, I'm at the two month mark & plan to continue my side treatment along with my top treatments. ... =1&t=23341

waalaa: [3/19/09] My laser gutter guard (65 diode)is removable from my homemade(bike)helmet, I treat my silver (hair) sides every night for about 10 minutes each side, I have noticed a difference, I now have some dark hairs mixed in with my grey where as before it was solid grey, it is however a very slow process, I'm at the two month mark & plan to continue my side treatment along with my top treatments. ... =1&t=23341

jambap: [3/7/09] I've been using my laser helment for nearly 3 months now so I'm not giving an official report on it yet, needless to say when I do in a couple of weeks, it should be positive! ... =1&t=23341

Orin: [3/18/09] Been doing it for a month.. uhm maybe two months? Not really sure. Hair changed in the first week into a texture I've never had before, and that I only see on people with zero hair-loss.

On especially good days, I think it almost looks like female hair. It seem to be evenly thick all along the strand too, which is just odd.

Whatever lasers actually do, it does something that obviously kind of.. inflate the hair, for lack of a better word.

I burnt out 41 diodes through faulty wiring, so that's a bummer, but I've been using the 59 I have left for 25 minutes X 3, about every other day or so.

Sometimes every third day. It's tricky to evenly split the week. So it's a total of 177 diodes. I'm absolutely broke right now, but when I get back on my feet, I'll upgrade to 90 diodes, which covers my entire scalp-area, temple to temple.

Shedding stopped immediately the first month (was excessive as I've stopped fin 3 months earlier due to finance-trouble), was fine for that month, but seems to have picked up some speed in the recent week. It really goes up and down, but it's not at all as aggressive as directly after fin, where I shed long, short and tiny hair of any quality.

Now I shed 3-4 hairs if I really comb my head through, and they're usually all long healthy hair. So I guess that's normal... I dunno.

I really don't believe people should stop fin, and I'm going to jump on it immediately when I get my next pay-check. Despite all the neat things lasers seem to do, it seems the real benefit comes from also keeping a base defense against the source of the inflammation, and not just rely on treating the inflammation as it occurs (with lasers that is). ... =1&t=23402

Lakers: [3/18/09] Perga,

I don't think that I'm overstating lasers period.

Never did I mention anything near this-"get a laser helmet and your problems are solved"

I'm not saying lasers are a cure all based on their results per se, rather for the results vs sides ratio(zero AFAIK)-there is no comparison IMO and for that reason they cannot be overstated. It's simple really.

I too have experience with the poisons and I hate them. What kind of helmet are you using btw? Also, I did'nt see results from lasers until month 6 but it seemed month after month the results were multiplying at an exponential rate. ... =1&t=23421

perkinspook: [3/22/09] I have a lasermax 90 and have had wonderful results!! ... =1&t=23417

perkinspook: [3/22/09] I had the guy from LaserMax add more diodes to my 90 and made it into a 250 laser. He did it rally cheap. But I was getting results already as it was. ... =1&t=23433

Thorton212: [3/21/09] PICTURES = ... =1&t=23444

Thorton212: [3/21/09] Here is what I do Laser 23 min M-W-F VM M-W-F night Custom topical (elsom double nano) containing (curcurmin, resveratrol, biotin, ecgc, cinnamon, melatonin, coffee bean and adenosine. I use this custom topical whenever I work out (Everyday) underneath a hat. I put it on and it is dry in maybe 1 min then I let sit for 15 before I work out. The reason I do this is because the curcurmin is extremely orangish and I don't want to look any worse lol.

Also I should mention that I eat 1 clove of garlic every 3 days and take chlorophyll to help with the garlic odor. I also apply garlic and wash about 10 min before lasering because it def. draws a lot of blood to the scalp, it burns though so be careful if you try it. I believe the garlic has helped with the laser tremendously. For the first 2 months of lasering I never had any pump but since I started applying the garlic I have been getting a VERY good pump with my helmet.

Yeah I don't really like the VM [virile mane] at all really I just bought the %&$! and now i'm stuck with it so I will use it for what it's worth. It could be helping but I doubt it. Since I started using that custom topical my inflammation has been NIL though.

[How long have you been using lasers for?] since the middle of jan. On the sides and back it has seriously raised about an 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch in the last month and a half. I shave my head with no guard usually every 3 weeks or so but it has been five weeks now since I last shaved it.

Here is what has happened since late jan early feb. My hair on the sides is creeping up toward the middle of my head. Hopefully they will meet but they still have a little while until they get there.

(elsom double nano (btw most expensive)) containing (curcurmin, resveratrol, biotin, ecgc, cinnamon, melatonin, coffee bean and adenosine. ... =1&t=23444

backspace: [3/22/09] For supplementing with magnesium you should just buy unsalted cashews. They have a decent amount of magnesium and they're fxxking delicious. Maybe it's just my cashew addiction but I swear they made my hair look and feel healthier (or maybe it was just the lasers haha)

I've been using lasers on and off for about a year now. ... =1&t=23438

ginger-uk: [6/19/08] I am never very optimistic about any treatments. TBH, the fact that I have never really made any gains from any product is beginning to piss me off. It seems to be the case that there is always one product that works for someone. Yet I have blown thousands of pounds and not made any gains to talk of. The only time I saw a tiny bit of regrowth was when I used a laser studio once a week. I think If I had used that twice a week I might have seen more gains. However, my hair soon went back to, and worse than it was before. I used minox the whole time. The only real saving grace was that my crown didn't thin as quick as my front.

I am still toying with the idea of making a laser device, but I am seriously loosing interest tbh. I crossed my fingers and started taking FIN, that after 9 months or so hasn't done anything, switching to foam seems to have done very little. I'm not sure if I hadn't have done anything whether I would have had any less hair than I do now!?...

It just seems strange to me that the science behind hairloss is fairly straight forward, but the reality is treatments don't work for everyone. Surely this means, DHT isn't the only factor with hairloss?... ... e&start=60

jambap: 3/23/09] Ok guys I know I’ve already referred to how my laser regimen has been going but I promised to report my results at the 3 month mark, and so, here they are.

I am delighted to say that I am undoubtedly having success. I noticed from only the 2nd week into using my 80 diode laser helmet (positioned 3 times), new hairs sprouting up at my hairline, very much like when I first began using Minoxidil (I know there are some that don’t like minox but I was always a positive responder so can make that comparison). So I noticed for the following 3 months that I had a slow-but-sure increase of new hairs at the hairline. The existing hairline hair looked thinner over that time too, but being experienced in starting new treatments, I didn’t worry too much as this is usually meant a shed that yields the reappearance of thicker hair after about 3 months. Having said that, although that hair was appearing thinner I did notice it was also standing up erect and as if with a new lease of life. Now as I pass the 3 month mark I believe I am entering the phase of the existing hairline finally growing back thicker. I have to see how the next month goes, but I do believe I’m past the “patience-is-a-virtue” phase of the program and I am just now starting to experience the real visible difference becoming increasingly apparent. I already have the outline of my 20-year old hairline in place, it’s just needs filling in and thickening completely. As I was a NW3 I never had too much loss on the top of my head so there’s no drastic difference there, but I am confident that having caught it now, it will only go back to its ever thicker and healthy condition of my youth. I did have a crown that was thinning to the point where it probably would have started illiciting comments even from the most tactful of my friends over the next year or so. However I can see already it is looking thicker hopefully those comments will never come.

So to summarize, I think I have had the results very much along the lines of how the Hairmax chap describes the sequence. The first 3 months show nothing spectacular (though in my case the new hairline hair was definitely a positive sign), the existing hair goes through a shed but by month 3 the positive turn-around begins.

At this point I want to once again thank OverMachoGrande for blazing the trail in this homemade laser revolution. I think without the work he started, I would be reaching the point where I’d be giving up the battle, as I had exhausted Minoxidil, Propecia, Nizoral, Azelaic Acid etc etc. and none of them were doing much anymore. ... =1&t=23461

cuebreeze: [3/24/09] 3months down on lasering with a 400+ diode helmet and my hair hasnt looked this good in a long time. ONLY 3 months and my hair looks waaay thicker, i have new vellus hairs at the hairline. My hairloss has almost stopped completely (only few hairs in the shower like a persons scalp without M.P.B). Anyway i like i said i wouldn't trust anyone on the internet so i tried it myself and its clearly doing something to my scalp as it feels a lot better. I'll be posting my 3 month pics in about 2 weeks as im still a little shy from 3 months. ... =1&t=23460

dogface: [3/26/09] just wanted to say, i went from a 50 module device to a 64 module device. Soreness! it's unmistakeable. I also put the modules very close together this time. Probably a more accurate description is a feeling of having exercised the scalp muscles and they are tired. ... =1&t=23490

glaxom: [3/26/09] I %&$! you not........ my laser helmet is the best thing i've ever done for my hair period! ... =1&t=23488

hapyman: [3/28/09] I am starting to think that the soreness factor might have to do with magnesium. I feel as though the lasers are much more stimulating now that I have been on mag oil. Also coincidence or not but I have stopped shedding now. I don't know if this has to do with the time (6 months) I have been using lasers or because I started using mag oil the last couple of weeks. ... =1&t=23492

Lava212: [3/30/09] The kind of stimulation I have been getting recently is undeniable compared to when I approached lasering with a dry scalp. My whole head was "pumped". My ears were red and warm-hot for 2 hours post treatment. The lasers are nowhere near my ears though. The overall scalp heat was reduced at the 3 hour mark but was still there until I woke up the next morning. My hair has improved drastically in this short time of lasering damp. ... =1&t=23492

Thorton212: [3/30/09] PICTURES = ... =1&t=23523

Thorton212: [3/30/09] Lasers have definitely played a huge role in quality of hair and regrowth. I also have not had any fallout at all recently and scalp has been fairly healthy since I have started lasers ... =1&t=23523

glaxom: [3/31/09] I'm into my 4th month of lasers and 2weeks ago i stopped the min......... so far i am not losing any hair from terminating it's use. Now in the past (before my laser helmet) i tried the experiment of stopping and each time i would notice the loss of hair and an increase in shedding. ... =6&t=23421

WilliamTheBloody [3/31/09] Lasers - 2 Month Point ObservationsI will try to keep this as brief as I can, but I wanted to point out a few observations from my 2 month mark so far.
Well it has already started working for me for sure even this early on. I have noticed a lot of new hairs sprouting up in the hairline and a some even in the bare temple areas. Whoever has been wondering if lasers grow hairs in slick bald areas, I can attest that they do.

Also, my hair quality has definitely increased in appearance, itching has almost ceased, scalp is finally not irritated looking, and my hair has bounce in the front again.

My cowlicks seem to be returning in the front as well. While I hated them as a kid, I welcome them back with open arms now. (I can run my hand from vertex to the frontal region and feel the cowlicks in the front standing up) Prior to this the frontal areas were flat and lifeless and I never noticed any hair standing up like this. Even in non-lasered areas I am seeing much better hair quality.

I'm glad I jumped on this bandwagon, and I hope everyone out there debating whether or not to try it to just get on it as soon as possible. I can't wait until the 12 month results that everyone croons about, as this has really been the best thing I have ever done for MPB to date even at the 2 month mark. All thanks to OMG and all of you laser pioneers here at regrowth that have done the work and thousands of hours of research. I can only say thanks and wish I could return the favor.

I did get a bad shed at 2-3weeks and got paranoid but I pushed through it though.

I have the Laser Messiah v2.0 helmet with 210 diodes with the lens caps removed all packed as far as they go in the front. I don't have switchable zones, so I laser all diodes at once for 20 mins 3x/week at night Mon, Wed, Fri.

I wash my hair first and let the shampoo set for 1-2 mins and rinse. Dry my hair with a towel, comb it back and put folligen emu oil in the front and temple regions of my scalp. Comb my hair straight back again to work a little more emu oil and get some hair separation going and then immediately I strap the helmet on and there you go. ... =1&t=23534

hershey: [3/31/09] [addressed to WilliamTheBloody] great news, glad to hear it (I too started noticing similar results, in a similar time-frame. It's been 6 mos. on lasers for me now, and I couldn't be happier.)

I had no shed, at no point in the 6 months I've been lasering. (The only thing I have been using in conjunction has been Zix II, and I haven't been as religious about it as I could/should be. Shampoo: nizoral once a week, and on other days one of about 2 or 3 different Jason shampoos I have on hand at any one time - tea tree, thin-to-thick, aloe). ... =1&t=23534

ljc08: [3/31/09] Well I tried lasering with emu oil on my scalp tonight rather than putting it on after as I had been doing. What a difference! Started to get soreness after about 5 minutes instead of nearly 15. Definitely feeling it now and I have been finished for more than an hour. ... =1&t=23534

cuebreeze: [3/31/09] im almost at 3 months now and i also had a shed at about 1 month mark. It wasn't cosmetically noticeable but in the shower i shed about 50 hairs?! compared to about 20 now. ... =1&t=23534

jimmy1: [4/1/09] I am about 4 months in and I feel my hair is better quality and thicker as well. I am considering a toopical as well, the emu oil sounds interesting. I have never experienced soreness,although I get a great pump. I Am using a messiah design with 160 diodes in the front and 14 gauge wire for all levels. I think I am going to get OMG to build me one so I don't have to do 2 or 3 zones. ... =1&t=23534

Toby: [12/26/08] I have two friends that are experiencing hair loss, both in their 50s. They came to me and told me about laser treatments they are getting at a local salon. I have known both of these women for 8 yrs. and noticed their hair loss. One was a former model, the other a former beauty queen. Anyway, one had hair loss to the point you could see through her hair, the other one not so bad. One was due to stress and hormones, the other one I am not sure. The important thing is they are growing hair and I mean really growing hair!!!!I have looked at their scalp closely . I go to the same salon that they do so I decided to inquire about the program for my mother-in-law who is 82 and thinning badly. The program requires two 30 minute treatments a week at about 150.00 a month and taking supplements to keep the DHT blockers levels down to keep new hair from failing out. My mother-in law is interested but lives 30 minutes from the salon, two treatments a week for months isn't idea for someone her age. So.....I am been busy on the Internet and have found a supplier that sells the home device for around 500.00 dollars.[Lasermax] Same machine!!!!the salon sells the home device for 2200.00 dollars. If I had hair loss I would be jumping on this BIG time. The women using it say the hair diameter is greater, color is richer, and has more elasticity. Also hair growth is 30% more. ... t=lasermax

hairisgood: [4/1/09] Well maybe that's an April fools joke but really my hair is noticeably growing faster and feels thicker and more alive after just a little while. I started with 72 diodes I think like about three months ago but only used them on my crown and didn't use it as a moveable cluster but for the past couple weeks ive been using a full coverage helmet with over 300 diodes. The full coverage device seems to really make a difference. ... =1&t=23548

Danlalane: [4/3/09] For those of you who don't know, I have been lasering since August '08. First 150 diode Lemming, more recently 300 diode Messiah II. I have tried wash, no wash, rubbing alchohol, you name it... TODAY, Emu Oil before lasering. By 18, to 19 minutes I was quite sore. WHOA!

I attribute the new pump/soreness to a few things: 1.) Going from 150 to 300 Diodes 2.) Removing the caps required for Lemming mesh 3.) Going from 22 gauge to 18 on L2 wires and 12 on L3 4.) EMU ... =1&t=23562

glaxom: [4/5/09] Well, i stopped the min about 3wks ago and so far i have noticed nothing in regards to shedding or losing any extra hair at all.
Yesterday i dropped the fin and will see what happens.

4 months of 230 diodes has brought about

1. a virtual end to the shedding(i'd say 90-95% reduction)

2. an end to the itchy scalp

3. much, much better hair days

4. little hairs popping up on the frontal hairling just recently ... =1&t=23549

cuebreeze: [4/5/09] PICTURES = ... =1&t=23569

MG63: [4/9/09] immediately after surgery i used a lasermax 50 (because it did not touch my scalp)for 10 min 3 days a week. My healing time was much faster than previous transplants that I had. Although I still experience the shedding normally associated with transplants, it was delayed by 3-4 weeks. ... =3&t=23346

Lapwing: [4/10/09] I just finished one year of LLLT at the appropriate dose level of 5-7 J/cm2 over the whole top of my scalp for 2 to 3 times a week. My device is a konftec Aculas 850B 250mW handheld. It has 5x50mW diodes. It takes me over an hour to do one session. I can’t wait to get a laser helmet!
My results I would say are remarkable, better than I could have reasonably hoped for at the time I started. My hair is thicker and there is decent regrowth in the crown area. The temples are stabilized with no further loss and I have gotten a little regrowth on the front hairline in general.

I have no before pictures and if I showed after pictures all you would see is hair and lots of it! It is hard to quantify my results, but I would say I have improved by about half a NW. I would say 18 months ago I was NW 2.65 Vertex and now I am around a NW 2.15 Vertex. My crown area was thinning fast.

I believe LLLT is most responsible for my hair improvement, but I also do Oils (Coconut and TTO), lots of supplements, eat a clean anti-inflammatory diet with good fats and no junk carbs, caffeine added shampoo, and scalp peels once a month.

Do I believe LLLT works? Well I spent a thousand for my handheld and I am about to spend another 1000+ on a super fancy lllt helmet. I held that damn aculas to my head for 3 hours every week for a year and I am still doing it. My hair looks great and I have almost reached my goal of becoming a regrowth ghost rocking a solid NW 2 with just some slight thinning in the crown.

One extra note: A long time ago I kind of naturally fell into doing my lllt sessions about 15-30 minutes after washing my hair, which seems to be recommended way to go these days. ... f=1&t=2357

Notbaldyet: [4/11/09] Around 2 1/2 Months On the Lasermax 200

I have been checking this forum for around 4 years and so I've tried quite a list of treatments, IH top six, Aloe/Dut Topical etc etc etc.
I was a bit concerned about wether the laser thing was working as my hair seemed to be getting worse to begin with but after having had my hair cut I can see that i have had a significant thickening in the temple area as well as what looks like regrowth. Hair at the front no longer looks like its hanging on for dear life. The crown has also improved.

My regimen is not very complicated but is definitely working:

Revita x4 times a week Tea Trea Oil Shampoo x3 a week Aloe Vera left on overnight when I remember 30 Minutes Lasermax 200 every other day Ecklonia Cava few times a week

I would recommend everyone to put aloe on the thinning areas before bed.In the moring the scalp has a much less irritated surface. ... =1&t=23595

GrowMikeGrow: [4/11/09] I got a Lasermax 90 3 or 4 months ago. I've been using it every other day and noticed that the shedding has stopped. Hair quality seems better too, but I was wondering if there are any suggestions of what I should be taking to help the lasers out? I have only been using the laser, and while I am seeing good results with just lasers, I figure there might be something I can add to the regimen.
I am seeing some new growth and want to make it as much as possible. ... =1&t=23597

hairisgood: [4/12/09] PICTURES = I took another photo of my crown which I think is filling back in. They are both taken in the same light condition with dry hair. Same place in the bathroom under harsh lights. I've only been using the 340 diode helmet i built for a month. I had a 72 diode device that i used for maybe 2 months at most before that. It didn't seem to do that much though. The shorter hairs around my temples are getting longer too with more color but it is hard to photograph because my camera seems to not be able to focus close up. ... =1&t=23601

cuebreeze: [4/15/09] Yea my hairloss has stopped all over. Going by the time of the hair cycle plus taking into account that my scalp is originally screwed up from mpb i think it will take about 5 months before the hair comes back to the part of the cycle where i can see new thicker hairs from the ones that were hanging on for dear life. But hairloss has deffently stopped (temples included) ... =1&t=23610

Zeke: [4/18/09] I'm using minox for over ten years and its the only reason I have hair to laser. A bit over 3 months with lasers and I can honestly say my hair hasn't looked this good in a long time. Significant change in thickness a quality. I believe I see new hair growth but wiil give it more time before I start dancing in the street. Good Luck and just give it more time, I really think this %&$! works. ... =1&t=23460

glaxom: [4/18/09] i used min for a looong time and would shed each time i stopped, now after over 4month of lasers i stopped the min 3-4wks ago and no new shedding.
Plus, after tapering my fin dosage way down over the last several months i completely stopped it a wk ago and so far so good. ... =1&t=23460

Joanne: [4/18/09] ...I feel like I can say--without a doubt--I'm experiencing regrowth!
Wow. I can't believe it myself.

My hair still looks like absolute crap because it's shoulder length and the new hairs are about 1-1/12" long. In fact, if the light is behind me...I look a little bit like someone holding those electric static balls. Short little hairs sticking out all over my head. So the volume has taken a big hit.

What I'm excited about is that less scalp is showing through my hair...especially when I stand under the DREADED OVERHEAD LIGHT. And the part on my crown...which has just gotten wider and wider over the last 4 years is getting much more narrow.

It still feels like thin crap when I touch it because it's so short...but there isn't as much scalp showing. This is HUGE for me.

FYI...I'm using a 100 diode device (modded buddyebson type) 3x/week, 4 zones, 18-20 min/zone. I only started using the emu oil in the past 10 days so that's not a factor, althought maybe it'll help bump things up a notch. Started lasering in mid-late Nov 2008. Bad, bad, bad shed late January that lasted 2-3 weeks. Very discouraging considering my scalp had started to feel much better. Didn't give up and I think I've turned the corner.

It would be so much easier if I were a guy and could buzz it all off...but last short haircut I got everyone told me I looked like a dyke. So that's not an option.

Also...bought the AGHC this week. It just arrived, so I haven't started yet. I'm hoping it will kick things into high gear, but at the very least...I can say I believe that lasering for hair loss is effective.

I see a lot of people tweaking their laser protocols...emu, no zones, etc...but I'm gonna stick with what I've been doing because I can see it's working.

I have some pics of the progression of my hair loss over the last 4 years. They were never taken to show anyone (god forbid). So they're totally inconsistent in lighting, etc... I'll take a few shots of my progress and post them if someone can tell me how to post them on Regrowth (not photobucket, etc...).

I just want to say a big, big thank you to OMG for not only championing lasers but for writing the definitve LLLT For Dummies guide. There is no way in hell I would have attempted to build a laser device if I hadn't read his PDFs.

Also, Nidhogge for helping me get the laser diodes through one of his group buys and jdp710 for all the informative emails he's posted. And buddyebson for his simple modded out design that I could assemble quickly.

God...after 4+ this nightmare really over? I think it might be. Thanks guys...

The only prep I do pre-laser is a good thorough shampoo. There's a dozen different shampoos I use...Folligen, Seabuckthorn, Tea Tree Oil, Active M, Body Shop Ginger... Sometimes Nizoral, but it fries my not very often. It's a wonder I can even get into the shower for all the bottles, lol.

Since my hair's longer, it's still usually damp when I laser. But after 80 min (4 zones) it's dry.

If someone tells me how to post pics here, I will in a few days. Need to try to get some pics that show the regrowth.

Thanks for the nice comments. It took awhile to get here, and my problems aren't over...but this is progress. And it is the ONLY progress I've had since my hair began to fall. ... =1&t=23658

hairisgood [4/13/09] yes i have stopped temple recession and it's starting to grow back. little hairs are growing longer and with more color. the area that would be next to recede is thickening up. But to be honest i'm not really that receded and i measured it and if i wanted to totally restore my hairline it would only be a little over a square inch on each temple. my hairloss is more on my crown. also my hairloss is apparently less severe than yours because i didn't lose any hair until i was 25, then i noticed shedding and my scalp got sunburnt in my crown, then i let it go for a couple more years and now i am doing something about it. Another thing is that I stopped my hair loss first with immortal hairs regimen. The itch stopped and the hairloss stopped but regrowth wasn't really happenning, if there was some it wasn't too much, but the condition was definitely stabilized and i was only on it for 6 months before lasers(which ive only used a full coverage device for a month) so I really didn't give it time. I definitely think stopping the inflammation helps a lot and eating a good diet. I think I did a lot of damage to my hair from eating like %&$! and drinking and partying all the time for a couple years there from like 18 to 25... ... =1&t=23610

jambap: [4/14/09] I have been using my laser helmet since mid-Dec 08 and I can confirm that I am definitely getting temple regrowth. I hadn't lost that much in the first place, I am an NW2, but I am getting regrowth up to the original hairline and by the way it's filling in I'm getting hopeful for the possibility of getting my hair back to the NW0 or NW1 I was when I was 20 (I developed an early mature male hairline so it's hard to tell what I was). While the regrown hair is generally quite sparse it grows to the length the rest of my hair does. I therefore hope the area just continues to fill in. And I know that it's the lasers doing this coz I've been on Minox for the last 7 years and had been losing temple hair for the last 3 years or so. It's only been in the last 4 months since being on lasers that they have started reappearing. At the risk of ending up quite disappointed I really am very optimistic as to complete temple recovery, though it may take a couple of years still. ... =1&t=23610

Chapat [4/24/09] I have built my own laser helmet and used it for about a month and I must say my hair has thickened up a lot. I really don't care if no one belives me but it is working for me.

No new regrowth but I can't believe how thick my hair got. I use it 3x a week at 20 min each ... ord1=laser

hairisgood: 4/27/09] After a little less than 6 weeks. The area in the crown with miniaturized hair is becoming smaller and thicker overall. It feels different. The lasers are making my scalp healthier. I cut my hair so that it was about the same length in the before and after pictures. ... =1&t=23712

i_will_win: [5/4/09] PICTURES = not important my friend, i do not understand that why they are against with laser treatment ? it really works very well. ... =1&t=23769

chiarick: [5/7/09]
I will tell you what's helped me so far:

#1 complete coverage laser device, 3 x wk. 20 minute sessions #2 Emu oil and Magnesium oil mix, roughly half and half, used 20-30 minutes prior to lasering #3 scalp exercises, 2 to 3 times a day, 15 to 20 minutes a time ... =1&t=23797

glaxom: [5/7/09] I was never under the impression that lasers would grow hair on long dead slick scalp. It did what i wanted it to.........stopped my hair loss dead in it's tracks....thickened what i got to make my hair look better than it has in 5-7 years. There are a few tiny hairs popping up in the frontal line and about three weird wild hairs about an 1/8-1/4 of an inch below the hair line.

5 months 230 diodes, 3x wk

Oh yeah, it also stopped that maddening scalp itch i had. ... =1&t=23755

ljc08 [5/7/09] I had the whole red itchy scalp thing going as well. 4 months of lasering with 380 diodes has really done wonders for that. I even used a topical that really aggravated my scalp and made it much worse, lasers got that back under control pretty quickly.

Other things that helped:

emu oil - nightly and left on overnight, shower with mild shampoo in the a.m.

mild shampoo not nizoral with just aggravated my scalp more

shower head filter

omega 3 oils taken internally along with resveratol/curcumin

I think you need to determine whether your red itchy scalp is from something like demodex or from over irritating your scalp with shampoos or topicals. Mine was a combination of MPB inflammation and irritation from topicals etc. I think my regimen worked good to get that under control. I always itched less at night than during the day or after a shower. If something like that doesn;t work and it itches more at night it is then a pretty good bet that you have something like demodex and should start up on an aggressive program to nuke that.

Anyway, that's my 2 cents worth. Hope you get it under control. Most important thing is to get under that laser helmet as soon as you receive it. ... =1&t=23797

ljc08: [5/8/09] 4 months in and I just in the last few weeks I have started to notice my hair really thickening from the lasers. It is very cool. I haven't regrown a thing yet but my hair looks WAY better! Thanks OMG and everyone else for all the advice on lasers! ... =1&t=23804

laserhead [5/8/09] I'm just over 6 months in with LLLT, and I feel that I keep making slow steady improvements. ... =1&t=23804
surehair: [5/9/09] Definitely DO NOT start rogaine with your red/itchy scalp. Rogaine gave me dry itchy scalp until I started Lasering (Complete itch went away in approx 2-3 weeks). I noticed the Nizoral made my scalp itch worse after applying in shower. If you want a temp cheap quick fix, Head N Shoulders Dry Scalp works. Walmart sells it cheap. Nizoral gives me a slight itch sometimes, but I know lots of people swear by it. Laser has definitely made my scalp 100x healthy. ... =1&t=23797

hapyman: [5/9/09] After stopping minox, its been 4 months, I finally feel like my hair is stabilizing fully and I have some definite terminal hairs growing in on my temples. BTW I am also on Super Zix II and a lot of internals but I have done that before on its own with little results so it is definitely the lasers so far. I will say that MagOil and Emu Oil have increased the benefits of lasering though. ... =1&t=23813

Zeke: [5/9/09] Using minox over 10 years 2% at first, now 5% from Dr.Lee. Once a day before bed, has given me excellent results since day one. I know some people do not respond to minox but my experience is only positive.

LLLT for under 4 months. OMG helmet with 300+ diodes. So far hair looks better, seems thicker. I'm gonna give it more time but I think this %&$! is the real deal. Will continue both minox and LLLT, for me they compliment each other quite well. ... =1&t=23815

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Re: Laser Testimonial Thread

Post by jdp710 » Wed Jul 29, 2009 10:56 pm

jambap: [5/9/09] Hey NeverQuit, I'd be happy to answer your questions because I see a lot of negativity toward minox in this forum and I simply disagree with it. For me it's been the most helpful of all the treatments I had tried up until lasering. So here goes...
1) Which Minox, what percentage? Kirkland Minox 5% in the form of Ozbrew which is made by adding 15 ml of DMSO and 6 caps of L-Arginine.

2) How long have you been taking Minox? Since July 2002.

3) When do you apply and how often? I used to apply it twice a day, first thing after morning shower and in evening about an hour before bed. Now I apply it once a day, in the morning after my shower.

4) What is your laser device? 80 diode placed 3 times.

5) How long have you been lasering? Since Dec 15 2008 (circa 5 months)

6) Your results so far since starting LLLT? Very good. From being an NW2 my hair is thickening up all over and there is a steady progression of regrowth at hairline. My original hairline is reappearing and if things continue as they have so-far I am hoping for eventual complete hairline restoration back to NW1.

Additional comments... So although it's argued otherwise, from my experience minox doesn't necessarily prevent lasers working, although it may hinder their effectiveness. I can vouch however that since starting lasers I always used them on a scalp that had already had minox applied earlier in the day and I am still getting results from the lasers. I appreciate the argument that my laser results could be better if my scalp was completely topical free but I am happy with how things have been so far and feel no compelling reason to change my routine. And I have enjoyed great success with minox over the years, so it's an old buddy that I don't intend to boot out the door too hastily. It is my hope however to eventually come off minox completely as I always had a problem with the side-effect of excessive body hair growth.

My conclusion, don't knock the minox, and if you want to turbo-charge it, give it 15ml of DMSO. ... =1&t=23815

Dr. Watt: [5/10/09] used the LaserMax (9 Beam) for a total of 10 Months, allowing 7 months for the temples to recover. Unfortunately they did not.
6 months later I began the laser helmet based on the design from OMG. I am to soon into the treatment (6 weeks) to comment, but the experience is much better that the LaserMax in turns of use and intensity of the beams. I remain optimistic that the concept of lasers is sound. My expectations is to stop further loss and thicken the hair I have to its original state. If that happened I would be very, very happy. ... =1&t=23818

surehair: [5/11/09] I've been using the Lasermax 90 since December and ready for the step up. The lasermax stopped my annoying scalp itch in about 2-3 weeks. My hair feels more alive than before. I'm looking to try the Revitalash Hair conditioner soon too. ... =1&t=23044

HelloSunshine: 1 and 2 .. Used minox 5% for about 12 years, the generic stuff. Worked really well for me , losing hair was not an issue anymore for many years.
3. Twice a day, time is not that important , sometimes I missed a day. I did drop it after starting laser but shed too much so I started again last 3 months.

4. 360 diode home made laser helmet.

5. 20 mins 3 days a week since sept 08, upgraded to full helmet 6 weeks ago.

6. Lasers kick ass, esp since using the full 360 device.

Just wanted to add that I use Saw Palmetto liquid extract with minox , I tried many things , and found the minox with SP works best for me.

Also Emu oil made me shed BIG TIME so i stopped using it.

I will attempt to drop minox after the summer and try to get through the 3 to 4 month shed with just lasering, and see how that goes.

BTW I don`t apply minox the days I laser. ... =1&t=23815

laserhead: I have been on minox for probably like 13-14 years. I always continued to lose more and more, but it was fairly slow loss. I knew it wasn't fully getting the job done, but in the back of my mind I was always wondering how much less hair I would have had I not been on it??

So, for around the last year I added Nizoral 2% shampoo and saw palmetto. Then about 6 months ago I added LLLT. I have stopped further loss at this point, and am starting to get some back. Along with some regrowth, the rest is getting thicker and is starting to grow at a similar rate to the non-mpb areas. I am still on minox, so I wouldn't say in all cases that minox and LLLT won't work together.

Could I be getting better results with a different topical, and everything else the same? Very well could be, but I'm not gonna mess with what is working right now. Maybe after I get to a full year on LLLT, I might start trying to ween myself off minox and try something else at that point? Just have to play it by ear.

My typical day I use Rogaine foam in the morning. I usually do my laser time at night, and then typically 30 min to an hour later, I use minox liquid. That kind of depends on how late I get started though. I use a movable section that I move 3 or 4 times depending on how much time I have. Sometimes if I'm running late, I will end up putting on the minox right after I get done. ... =1&t=23813

NorwegianKid: [5/15/09] I've experimented with emu oil mixed with jojoba oil when lasering, and I do get more sore when doing this then by just using the two separately ... =1&t=23865

itchy: [5/20/09] The dreaded scalp itch that accompanies hair loss is abit like the egg and the chicken scenario. Whether the itch causes the hair loss or the hair loss causes the itch - the fact is fixing the itch will thicken your hair and reduce the shed.
The things that have helped me in my quest to end the internal itch have been:

Olive Oil TT Oil Esential oils Lasers Anti-Histamines Scalapcin lotion

Been on Lasers for approx 6 years on and off - which have helped the most with the itch. ... 892#141820

Ryan Thomas: [5/20/09] I haven't posted on here in about 10 yrs, mainly b/c I got a transplant 10 yrs ago. Now I'm 37 and been losing a lot in the last year or so. I started with a laser helmet a little over 2 months ago. I'm very happy with the results so far. My hair is much thicker and I'm starting to see some regrowth ... =1&t=23917

rbrooks: [5/23/09] I just went to the hairdresser after 8 weeks of OMG laser helmut use. Wow is all she can say.

The new hairs are profuse and not baby fine. She is really impressed. ... &start=125

Saber28: [5/27/09] So far my 2 month results with lasers have been impressive. More so than anything else I've tried of done. ... =1&t=23957

cuebreeze: [6/3/09] im at 5 months and hair feels VERY smooth. I plan on getting a hair cut soon to get rid of the dry britle end as havent had a hair cut in a long time and im expecting hair quality to look much better. ... =1&t=24009

Lapwing: [6/3/09] Anyway, my first definitive test that demonstrated to me that LLLT was working for me was the hand test. When I would smooth over the crown area with my hand or when I was shampooing, at about the 6 month mark of using lasers I noticed my hair felt significantly thicker and I had more coverage in the crown. Before it use to feel so thin back there. It was really a remarkable difference. Visually the difference became clear to me at the 9 month mark for significantly more coverage. ... =1&t=24009

OverMachoGrande: [6/3/09] Although I don't have much crown loss compared to my temples, the hairs were DEFINITELY getting thin back there. VERY THIN, as a matter of fact -enough that it was starting to cause me great alarm. I started noticing that they felt much thicker somewhere around the 4-6 month point (I can't remember it's been so long now), and that area has definitely filled back in. ... =1&t=24009

hs01: [6/3/09] I have something even better than the "hand feel" test. I call it the "very, very critical significant other" test. My (critical but supportive) husband, who pointed out that my hair was not what it had once been, years ago, and who told me that the laser comb was doing nothing for me, complimented my laser helmet results -- less than six weeks after I started using it. This is such a turning point. I can't wait to see results at the 3 and 6 month mark. And btw this is without mag oil or emu oil. I ordered mag oil and I'm going to try it. Later on I may try emu oil. I was hesitant about the emu oil as for years I assumed it came from a flightless bird, rather than a plant... ... =1&t=24009

N0rwegianKid: 6/4/09 Ive reduced scalp itch and sebum production totally after LLLT and the use TTO. Its like completely gone, the scalp never itches anymore, and the oily scalp and oily hair is long gone. ... =1&t=23960

Joely: Just hit the 2 month mark with my 200 diode helmet and am very happy with the progress. Definate thickening up and itching/inflammation has completely ceased. I think there may also be some regrowth in the crown area, I can see these small 'dots' appearing in the area, tiny hairs, but whether these grow into terminal hair I can't say as its still early days. I have had shedding while on Laser, however not a massive shed, just small weak looking hair falling out.

On a side note, my hair is Jet black and my barber oftens comments how dark my hair is. Is there anything to suggest Lasers can be more effective on people with darker hair?

I can also now style my hair. I've never been a massive fan of gels/waxes/creams etc as don't like the idea having those chemicals sitting on my head so haven't really used them in the past but recently started using a tiny amount of American Crew Matte cream which has proved effective (was going to use Fiber but that stuff seems to have a fair few more chemicals in it)

I went into this with an open mind by not doubting Laser treatment but also not expecting miracles but I can only say its had a positive effect on my scalp/hair and things are looking good so far and long may it continue. The helmet has become essential in the battle against hair loss for me. So a shout out to OMG and Nidhogge, top fella's IMO ... =1&t=24038

Saber28: [6/11/09] I've also had good results. I started my 205 diode helmet April 1st, so I'm about 2 1/2 months into it. I'm getting colored peach fuzz in my temple area, and my crown is definitely filling in. I sure hope it continues.

I just started using emu oil last week. I put it on every night before bed, and I have it on before I laser. That is my only topical. ... =1&t=24038

Justme123 [6/11/09] YES !!! I was a Norwood 2.5(ish) with some pretty bad thinning on my crown. The thin spot was the size of the bottom of a can of Coke, beer... You get the idea I think.

After close to 11 months with my laser device (100 diodes now). I have filled in my crown completely with a small thin spot about the size of a quarter. I am EXTREMELY pleased with my progress but sure want that quarter size spot to fill in with thick healthy hairs like the rest of my crown is now. The thinning has taken place over the past 11-13 years so I am shocked my results were as good as they have been.

There is hair in that quarter sized spot but the hair is a quite bit more fine or thinner than the rest of the hair on my head. Still that is significant progress (in my opinion). ... =1&t=24080

Justme123: [6/11/09] You need to be patient and stick with it ! Things don't happen immediately... Within the first couple of months I noticed the quality of my hair improving (just the existing hair). I thought I was seeing regrowth around month 4-6 but I am still not sure if it was regrowth or just limp hairs being choked out that were reviving. I do know around this same time frame my barber of 10+ years asked me if I was using Minoxidil. By that he meant am I doing something to treat my hairloss as my barber is in his 60's and I think a laser discussion would be way over his head and he probably wouldn't care.

By month 8 I was definitely seeing regrowth and quite a bit of it especially on my hair line. My crown was never slick bald and I pretty much had complete coverage on the crown it was just diffuse and the existing hairs were extremely minaturized so you could definitively see my scalp on the thin spot on my crown but it was never slick bald.

So don't expect miracles to start immediately but give it time and lasers will work ! ... =1&t=24080

jambap: [6/16/09] Hey guys, well I said I would give my next update at 6 months and here we are. Hair really getting thick now. My original 20-year old hairline is becoming more and more defined. The hair is creeping back in reverse to how it receded making its return subtle and hard to notice to the oblivious onlooker (just as when it recedes) though the regrowth is at a much faster rate to when it was first loss. As a result I'm automatically looking a good few years younger, it's amazing the difference a solid hairline makes. I'm approaching 33 so I'm now turning to keeping my skin as young looking as possible. I've been using my laser helmet over my face for the past month or so and hope I'll see similarly good results there too.

Well, nothing particularly more to say, it's all along the same lines as the majority of other laser users. I think I can confirm though that I have had really good results in the regrowth of hairline. So to any still unsure as to the lasers ability at regrowing hairline hair, let me confirm it really does, maybe it's a little slower and harder than elsewhere but it really does. Just stick at it. ... =1&t=24131

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Re: Laser Testimonial Thread

Post by OverMachoGrande » Thu Jul 30, 2009 4:38 am

Dude... that's so awesome! Thanks for posting that here!

Until we get the new site ready -when we have a user updateable section, and columns for "yes", "maybe", and "no", this is where I'm going to send everyone.

What I've done is that I just bought the domain name, and as soon as it's all processed, I'm simply going to forward it to wherever the spot is with all of the testimonials, pictures, etc. So, it'll foward here probably by tonight, and I'll change it when we get a better, user-active page for it!

-John (O.M.G.)
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Re: Laser Testimonial Thread

Post by Jacob » Thu Aug 20, 2009 7:32 pm

What about :?:

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Re: Laser Testimonial Thread

Post by hairisgood » Sat Aug 22, 2009 3:42 pm

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Re: Laser Testimonial Thread

Post by glaxom » Sun Aug 23, 2009 5:45 pm

An update on my experiment with stopping Finasteride and Minox and letting the lasers work by was not successful and i lost 1,000s of hairs so i went back on the min and fin combo with my laser helmet. A month later the massive shed has stopped. So............A DHT inhibitor is essential for me obviously!

Hopefully at least some of those hairs will comeback .

lasers/fin/min gave me great results..........i should have left well enough alone.

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Re: Laser Testimonial Thread

Post by jdp710 » Sun Aug 23, 2009 10:46 pm

Sorry to hear that glaxom.

Did you stop the fin/minoxidil overnight or did you wean yourself slowly off over many months, like 6 months?

The reason why I ask is because there have been a couple people report a minimal shed when slowly weaning themselves off over like a 6 month period. But it's pretty well established that minoxidil and especially fin will experience a major shed when stopped overnight.

Thanks for the info as it helps other people.

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Re: Laser Testimonial Thread

Post by glaxom » Mon Aug 24, 2009 5:08 am

Hey jdp, no i only took about a 3 month wean off the fin . I had got down to appx. .25 of fin daily and had no shed so i quit entirely and boy after a few weeks it let me know about it. After a few months here of 1mg i will get back to .5 and just leave it there.

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Re: Laser Testimonial Thread

Post by amsch » Mon Aug 24, 2009 4:05 pm

hairisgood, didn't you post some crown pics some days ago? Why are they gone now? looked pretty good to me. which supps are you taking?

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Hair Loss

Post by abinash » Thu Oct 07, 2010 12:53 pm

First of all congrats for hosting a very nice forum.My view on hair treatment to all will be don't get carried away by emotion and don't believe on any doctor or clinic without proof.There are many clinic in the market that boost of solving hail problem with many fancy names to their treatments.The list is infinite,but the one I got fooled by is called Dr.Paul's Multi speciality clinic,Bhubaneswar.And the fancy name they give for their treatment is called "MESO".
Dr.Paul's is not at all a clinic .It only takes people's emotion to it's advantage.The doctors in this clinic don't have any skills than being honey-tongued.My hair fall got agrivated after taking their treatment.God knows what injection they gave to my scalp.They were insisting to go for one more course,I did't.My advice "Be logical" "Don't be Emotional" "Select Proper Doctor".Dont be a fool like me to tell stories later.Your Hair,Scalp,Body is yours for a life time dont't allow ant body to experiment on it.

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Re: Laser Testimonial Thread

Post by Malamalamim » Tue Jun 25, 2013 4:16 am

jdp710 wrote:hairisgood: [4/12/09] PICTURES = I took another photo of my crown which I think is filling back in. They are both taken in the same light condition with wigs hair. Same place in the bathroom under harsh lights. I've only been using the 340 diode helmet i built for a month. I had a 72 diode device that i used for maybe 2 months at most before that. It didn't seem to do that much though. The shorter hairs around my temples are getting longer too with more color but it is hard to photograph because my camera seems to not be able to focus close up.
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Re: Laser Testimonial Thread

Post by hairchasernebyl » Tue May 20, 2014 10:04 pm

Hey guys...I've had heaps of success after adding a laser product to my hair regime. I was skeptical at first but now I'm glad I tried it. I researched LLLT for ages, and found that it is also used for wound healing, it energizes cells and increases their individual metabolic functions. The laser also decreases inflammation, which i have makes the minoxidil on my scalp easier to deal with, less itch.

my regime now:

5% minoxidil regain twice daily
resveramix tablets twice daily (resveratrol antioxidant)
saw palmetto 500mg twice daily
vlasyproject 54 laser unit 20 minutes daily

it's worked really well for me....before, i was just halting/slowing my hair loss, now it's moving forward, seeing loads of regrowth. I've been using it for about 3 months.

has anyone else had experience with this LLLT unit?


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Re: Laser Testimonial Thread

Post by eva92watson » Mon Jun 16, 2014 1:44 am

Laser was quite beneficial in my case. Though, I have been hearing a lot about it, I personally had a really good experience.

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