Selling my Laser Messiah Helmet

Discuss the use of laser therapy for fighting hair loss. If you're using a purchased device, or a laserbrush or helmet that you've made yourself, discuss it here.

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Selling my Laser Messiah Helmet

Post by yesyahok » Thu Feb 08, 2018 4:30 pm

I can definitely attest to this device improving my hair, but I travel almost constantly in my new job and can't bring it with me everywhere. Unfortunately this defeats the purpose of having the helmet, so I must let it go :S

For that reason, I'm selling my barely used 352 diode FULL DEAL laser messiah helmet for a highly discounted price. This cost me $1,314.59 plus shipping, so I'm willing to sell it to whoever wants to contact me with a fair offer. This is the helmet with enough diodes to cover pretty much any guy's head and sufficient diodes to go quite far in the back. This was properly built by OMG and ordered directly from was not a self made project.

Please message me or let me know here if you want me to contact you. Thanks!

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