Here's proof Chuck Norris stops time

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Here's proof Chuck Norris stops time

Post by Jacob » Thu Mar 11, 2010 2:19 pm

I did not know he was that old...
Martial arts champion, movie and television star, author and WND columnist Chuck Norris turned 70 today, and as one entry in his publisher's contest to come up with a "fact" about the famed personality stated, "Another year celebrated Chuck Norris."
* Chuck Norris doesn’t need Social Security, Social Security needs him.

* It isn't Chuck Norris' birthday today, it's his yearly apology to the obstetrician for knocking him out with a roundhouse kick coming out 70 yrs ago.

* Wow, another year celebrates a Chuck Norris! Congratulations 2010!

* No one throws Chuck Norris a party. He throws it… far.

* When Chuck Norris goes to someone else's birthday party, the host gives him a gift.

* When Chuck Norris wishes someone, "Happy Birthday," they are happy … all year.

* When the birthday candles on Chuck Norris' cake saw him coming, they blew themselves out. Happy birthday!

* Chuck Norris stopped aging at 27. He just keeps anniversaries of this birthday so the rest of us don’t feel bad.

* The last time Chuck Norris blew out some candles, we called it climate change.

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