LLLT Frequency & overstimulation

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LLLT Frequency & overstimulation

Post by robster » Mon Aug 31, 2009 11:45 pm

I have just started with LLLT and im still trying to understand it, what im curious about from what ive read so far, is what is the best time & frequency to use it for. I know OMG says 20 mins 3x week. However I have seen a few quotes that is can also depend on hair colour, such as this quote below. I have dark brown hair and have a 415 diode helmet from OMG, perhaps less time usage would be best for me?

Will Gaunitz quote directly from Evolution Hair Center's website... Different hair types require different levels of energy to see results. Dark to black hair usually can only tolerate 30 diodes of 635nm (3.5-5mW) energy at 2 x per week before overstimulation. Light to blond hair can tolerate almost double that at 61 diodes of the same energy 2 x per week. Overstimulation can occur in anyone who has received too much laser treatment for their particular situation. Overstimulation can cause a stalling of hair growth (slow growth), scalp pain, and in many cases rapid shedding of hair in the treated area. It is very important to use the correct dosage of energy for every individual in the correct intervals. With that being said, it is also very important to get enough laser energy to ensure proper hair growth. For a diffuse light diode handheld device to really create a positive impact on the average hair loss case, the laser device would need to at least contain 15 diffuse light diodes. You must also note that not all diodes are created equal as well. You must have a quality built device to maintain adequate and sustained power supply to each diode to ensure a quality dose of energy.

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Re: LLLT Frequency & overstimulation

Post by OverMachoGrande » Tue Sep 01, 2009 7:49 am

Hey, Robster!

It's still 20 minutes, three times a week -and I want to explain what you are reading in that paragraph you quoted! [...Although some of us have been experimenting with adding a fourth day to the week, and it seems to be ok so far.]

We've been over this before a little bit, and I'm sorry that I don't have all the information right in front of me right now, but in short... just ignore all the crap in that paragraph that you quoted. It's BUNK, and I don't care how allegedly "fantastic" his devices and results are! lol...

Some guy spammed a forum or two for the Gaunitz devices, and that's all that this is -SPAM. The numbers DO NOT add up in what he's saying. It's actually quite comical now that I read it again after a few weeks have past. Blonde hair can tolerate SIXTY-ONE DIODES?! Hahaha! What the hell is he talking about?! 61 diodes can fit in a 2" by 2" area, or you can spread them out to the size of my living room! Trust me... there is NOTHING that has any sort of data that shows that in the entire scientific body of knowledge in the world, and those are just silly statements that guy is making!

For the most part... laser therapy is a pretty easy thing to figure out -once you analyze all of the information that is available- and we all figured it out together last year. That's the same info that I have up on my overmachogrande.com site so everyone in the world can try it for themselves without having to buy a product with "magic diodes", or from people that are trying to portray themselves with some falsely created sense of "I know more than you, so you need to 1) use my device only and 2) use it how I say it because I'm smarter than you and have information that you aren't privy to". Man, lol... I'm glad those days are over.

Gaunitz's devices have one advantage, and one advantage only... they pulse. I'm not even sure if it's any sort of MEASURABLE advantage, either, but science has shown that a pulsing device at 9khz creates a little bit more of a biological response than without it. Again... it may not make one bit of difference. FYI... someone in Canada is working on making a device that we all can use that will pulse the diodes for $20.

One thing that Gaunitz or anyone DOESN'T have is the "Positive Laser Testimonials Thread". This is the thing that just makes me laugh every time! All sorts of companies claim all sorts of things STILL that basically say "Oh, your devices aren't going to work" when we -the common forum people that took the time to figure out all of this- have got the greatest amount of positive testimonials of any treatment that's ever been tried in the hair loss forums in recent history! That's really funny.

Another thing that no one else has is JDP710. That guy knows more about laser therapy than any of these guys at any company. If the information exists... he's seen it. Every single thing JDP710 and I have ever done is about creating the most effective device possible to stop our hair loss -not making a device to sell, or saying "Hey, only our magic diodes work", or saying "We know more than you, so you need to just 'trust us' that our designs are using magic, secret information that you can't get otherwise". That is such a typical hair loss industry mentality, and the Gaunitz guy is pretty shameful -ESPECIALLY with the fact that he sells a one diode device for something like two or three thousand dollars!

As far as hair colors and skin complexion, there is negligible difference in the tiny amount of energy we use for hair growth. The reason for what seems like higher success with darker hair, etc., is because you can see the results better, and it's as simple as that. If we are talking about HAIR REMOVAL... the amount of difference something like dark skin could make adds up a little more, but not for the levels we are talking about here.

There was an old thread about a few blonde hair users not getting results at that old, fraud forum where we used to post. One thing I think I remember were that a few of the few blonde people with less than average results also for some odd reason were also using minox, and while they were eager to assume that the reason they weren't getting results had to do with something unsubstantiated about their hair color, they wouldn't really listen to the fact that MINOX -a harsh chemical known to miniaturize hair and cause relentless shedding- could be actually to blame. Anyway, that's just a side note, but you get my point!

So, back to the point, as you see... we're gone from that other site for only a matter of weeks, and almost instantly COMPANIES work their way into the forums and are pushing their bogus laser crap again that makes it seem like there is a "magic diode", or "we know more than you", or whatever! It's hilarious! lol... They don't give a rats ass about helping others, and they just want your sales. Make no mistake about it, it's in these companies best interest to try to create as much confusion about laser devices as they can -especially the ones that sell handhelds.

The simple, anyone can do-it-yourself option that's backed up by scientific evidence and real forum results (not the voice of a lone "hit-and-run poster") doesn't fit into their marketing plan of taking your dollars.

-John (O.M.G.)
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Re: LLLT Frequency & overstimulation

Post by hairless » Thu Sep 10, 2009 6:43 pm

I have been using the low level laser helmet at home for 8 weeks at 20 minutes three times a week. I have lost a lot of hair on my crown, hairline and back. I am so nervous I have overstimulated. Is it best to stop? Slow down? Please someone help me out.

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